Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bringing Skanky Back

Just when you though these celebs were bringing classiness and sophistication to their outfits, they shock you with a Nightmare Before Christmas outfit. These three celebs have always been the subjects of criticism by the fashion industry and sometimes its hard not to agree.

Paris Hilton's sense of style still baffles me. With all that wealth, a stylist and the potential to be a real beauty, she always seems to skankify her outfits. For every decent outfit she has 10 horrible ones. I don't care if your going to a Halloween party or one hosted by Hugh Hefner, theirs no excuse to dress like a skank. Sometimes she looks spectacular, other times not so much...

Christina Aguilera: I was wondering just how long the charade was going to last of her presenting her self as a classy timeless wannabe Marilyn Monroe. But as always "trashy is what trashy wears." Even being covered from head to toe in sunglasses, scarfs and trackies she still looks cheap.

Last but not least Victoria Beckham. As for her outfit, its not that bad, its actually quiet classy, HOWEVER the whole "no bra nipple displaying" scene makes us all think that she wants to join the Lindsay Lohan gang in America.
Next time you complain about not having money to buy celeb worthy clothes, take a look at these pics and be very glad that you dont have all that money to make a seriously expensive fashion mistake.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Victoria Beckham in a Christopher Kane Dress

On the weekend Victoria Beckham was out with her husband David Beckham wearing a new season Christopher Kane dress. This outfit has raised alot of Criticism about her taste and style..but i seriously don't know what all the fuss is about??

I think she has the perfect body to pull of this bandage dress and the colour looks lovely and unique with a hot pink zip down the middle.

Websites have been saying things like "if i had a mother that looked like her, i would be having seizures too" in reference to Victoria's second son who suffers from epilepsy. Nothing was left uncommented from her "botox facial expressions" to her "hideous short blonde hair".

I love this dress and on Victoria Beckham too. She has a great personality, sense of humour, she is a wonderful mother who doesn't have a nanny, shes been faithful to Beckham for along time even with all his behind the scenes action. Her style is so individual, sexy, and she doesn't follow what other celebs wear and i think thats worth acknowledging.

Warm winter Knits and Cardigans

Whats the best way to stay warm and stylish in winter?? With big Knits and cardigans of course. Take cue from the likes of Mary-Kate and Victoria Beckham and rug up in oversized cardigans, knit dresses and jumpers.

The hottest colours to choose are black, brown, cream and this seasons favourite-grey. These are timeless grown up shades which will keep you warm for many winters to come.

Celeb Trend - Scarfs

Since the launch of the Alexander McQueen Skull scarf, celebs can't get enough of these cute accessories. This seasons celebs are still wrapping their tiny little necks in scarves.

Celebs such as Paris Hilton and Kate Moss still love their rock chick edge skull scarf, while Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff are opting for simple neutral coloured scarfs for a classic timeless look.

Scarfs are so functional they can be worn as a belt as seen on Kate Moss, or take a 60's spin by wearing it as a head scarf which Nicole Richie prefers.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Victoria Beckham's off-the-shoulder top

Victoria Beckham is hitting up the streets of L.A and London in this seasons hottest take on tops-Off the shoulder. She looks hot hot hot!!! Tean with Skinny jeans for the ultimate posh look. Its a subtle way of looking sexy yet relaxed. So do like Posh and let those tone shoulders show!

Chloe Glasses rule the Parade

The new Chloe glasses don big lenses and have been spotted on the like of Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson. Mischa Barton loves them so much that she and Nicole Richie went on a shopping spree wearing matching Chloe sunglasses in different colours. They were also spotted on Mischa Barton's sister.
These chocolate brown or ivory sunglasses with gold trim bring a very classy, Jackie O feel to your outfit. They come in an aviator style or a round Jackie o style. Big sunglasses aren't going out anytime soon. Buy the real deal online at Bergdorf Goodman or at Neiman Marcus.

Hot Heads -Hats, Fedoras, Berets and all...

I love the Parisian look, so this winter I'm investing in a cute black beret. As the accessory phenomena is getting bigger and bigger by the day, celebs such as Kate Moss, Mary-Kate and Lindsay Lohan have all been seen wearing chic head gear such as fedoras, hats, berets and trilby's and is set to be a hot trend this season.

If you feel a bit shy about wearing a Beret or hat of any sort, try a dark colour that doesn't stand out too much until you get used to it. Or walk on the wild side with a colourful red beret, ala Ashlee Simpson.

Take a chance and try a trend that can transform your whole look!!

Wear your High Heels Everywhere!!!

Being a petite girl, i love the fact that celebs are devoted to their heels so much that they practically live in them. From High profile parties to the local supermarket, celebs have been spotted teaming basic outfits with Killer heels, and why not? considering the fact that they pay $1000 dollars up for a pair of couture heels, they might as well get their moneys worth right?

So have fun dressing up and add a little glam to your casual outfit with a pair of your favourite heels and watch youself transform into a confident glamazon.


No matter what anyone says, black is always the new black. It is one shade that will never go out of style- EVER!

Nicky Hilton admires black saying "always wear black, its classy and slimming" and that's the approach many celebs have been taking recently, with Victoria Beckham showing up to the Chanel fashion show wearing a head-to-toe ensemble of black, while Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton all sacrificing their colourful creations for a more grown up, sophisticated look.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Animal Instinct

Let me hear you roar !!!

The Animal print trend doesn't seem to be dying out anytime soon...with winter coats and summer dresses all sporting the fabulously LOUD get the most out your Animal prints by wearing your leopard heels during the day, chuck your leopard print coat over all your outfits to give it that rocker edge, or extend the life of your leopard bag by making it your "it bag" of the season.

Catwalks around the are still favouring this print and they go mighty well this seasons basic shades. Mischa barton, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and J-Lo are all Leopard Lovers...and the love isn't dying, with Mischa Barton sporting a wild pair of leopard pants recently.

Paris Hilton pulls off this trend most times with cute shoes or flirty dresses however, Paris Hilton's love affair for this print saw us covering our eyes in horror as she walked out the house with a head to toe ensemble that consisted of leopard print tights, a leopard print tank and a leopard print cardigan in three different shades of the print. So don't be a walking fashion disaster and stick to one leopard print accessory per outfit and make that the focus.

My Purchase - Op-shop finds

Today i was relatively excited to go op-shopping that i woke up two hours earlier to go op-shopping before work.

And to my luck they were having a Summer clothing a SECOND HAND store!!!! People were in out and out all morning grabbing things, you would have thought it was a Chloe shoe sale.

well anyways i bought:

  • a pair of white flats with brown, silver and gold studs on them.

  • A vintage brown bag

  • 1 brown crocodile print and 1 black velvet waist belts

  • 1 multi color patchwork bracelet

  • 1 brown satin slip (which im going to wear as a dress)

  • A pink cami

  • A pink and black cropped lycra goes so well with the sporty look designers are showcasing.

  • and a multi-colored stripe pastel dress. Its NOT my style at all but it was cute to look at so i thought i might see this dress as a fashion challenge to try and incorporate it into my style...its going to be a really really hard challenge.

Check them out.

Rachel Bilson - Roping us in.

Rachel Bilson is one stylish lady. Unlike her other O.C counter-parts, this girl would do just fine without the help of a stylist. Her adorably sexy style is a mix of new age boho, grunge, 60's and Black black and more black!!

She teams everything in a simple effortless way while still looking put together. Accessories are the key and Rachel Bilson ones again proves why shes a style queen with this ever so original "Rope bracelet". Keeping her outfit simple makes this key piece stand out and i love it!!! What do you think?

Want her style? This girl is a lover of second-hand stores and flea markets, were she gets all her quiky outfits. opt for simple outfits with one massive impact statement piece such as a Fedora hat, funky boots or jewelery.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Purchase - new Zebra Print Heels!!

At uni today i had a class presentation, so after class i thought i would spoil myself with some retail therapy for all my hardwork.

I bought of Zebra Print heels today that i love love love...i know i know Animal print has been in for a while now, but i have never invested in a pair of animal print heels, but these babies were just staring at me yearning for me to take them home...and like any conscious women would do...i bought them.

I have been eyeing this pair for a while now since the day i was inspired hugely by kate moss' Zebra Print flats which can be bought online at Asos.

My other alternative was a pair of Leopard print heels but everyone i know owns a pair so i thought i would go with my heart and by the more subtle black and white print, which goes with my style, and white and black will stretch me out for a few seasons longer.

Check out my heels!!!!

A Furry Winter

I know this is a really controversial issue...but this winter its all about FUR FUR FUR and more Fur. My current obession is Fur coats. Fur coats paraded themselves down the runways of many legendary designer collection including Givenchy and Chanel.

I have always loved them but never knew how to wear it without looking over done, but celebs like Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins have once again made coutoure styling ever so practical and casual chic. However, most of these celebs are wearing Faux go for the look rather than the animal itself.

I already have one that way toooo big, so now i am on the quest to find the perfect (faux) fur coat or jacket. Teamed with fitted jeans or over a 60's mod dress...your sure to look great.

For those of you who love animals such as paris hilton (who is now anti-fur) or are afraid of PETA having a field day with you, then i suggest a more animal friendly version...FAUX FUR :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poshified Deja Vu

I was justing browsing celeb internet pages today when i came across a picture of Jenna Jameson. This Jemma Jameson character is known as the Queen of Porn...yes i said it Porn. Many of your male friends will have a thing or two to say about her. When i first saw the picture i thought it was our beloved Victoria Beckham, whoever on close inspection i was freaked to discover a Victoria Beckham Wannabe!!!

Lets spot the similarites:

* Both have the world famous BOB hair .

* Both wear clothes too tight for their plastic "breasts"

* Both have a liking for the jeans and tank combo

* Both got rid of their extensions

* Both recently dyed their hair blonde

*Both graduated from Hardcore Pouting College

*Both love their Botox
*Both are overly tanned

*And now Jenna has joined the Anorexia brigade with critism over her diminshing weight

More pictures of Jenna Jamesons new do can be seen here at Hollywood Tuna

Paris' shocking outfit!!!

I dont know what Paris Hilton is doing her, but im afraid...very afraid. Paris seems to be trying so hard to go for the sophisticated lady-like look....BUT IT AINT WORKING!!
Firstly you have to act like a Lady to pull a look remotely conservative off and secondly you cant be paris hilton to do this. I didnt think her fashion sense could get any worse but these pictures prove that money cant buy you class (or a decent outfit). And the fact that shes even posing proudly for photographers makes it all the more worse.

It like you don't know were to look...theres too much going on with that outfit its making me blind, and that just might be for the better. Don't get me wrong, each piece of clothing has alot of potential to look great on its own but put together it looks like a World War 2 re-enactment. Is this the result of a $5000 a day stylist???
However this case of "bad taste" syndrome doesnt run in the family as Nicky Hilton in my eyes always looks stunning and appropriately dressed and her mum l ooks great for her age...but Paris is another story altogether.

I never thought i would say this but trampy is her style.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ban my Rays

Ok, i know these Ray-bans Wayfarers were going to come back sooner or later...but i never thought they would come back which such force!

Celebs are embracing this look without a second thought from style icon Chloe Sevigny to the milliondollar babies the Olsen Twins. When you see a look on these girls you know its going to be big!! From skinny jeans to headbands to chunky shoes, these girls are bringing Ray-bans back.

I personally love the look of these glasses for a funked up street look or an artsy evening look. However, unlike big sunglasses which come in all shapes, styles, colours and brands for individuality...this style is from one particular brand thus don't be suprised to walk past 10 other people wearing the exact same shades.

The focus should be more on the "cat-eye" look rather than the wayfarers themselves. Try the Marc Jacobs MJ046S for a more individual take as seen on trend-setter Lindsay Lohan.
These shades suit every personality from the rocker types to coutourist to the conservative to the street styler and at a litter over $100 everybody should have their hands on a pair of these bargain buys.
Were to buy? Most designer sunglass retailers such as Sunglass Hut sell Ray-bans, however online stores such as Otticanet , Ebay and EyeSave Discount Sunglasses provide sunglasses at your convienience.

check out the pics of celebs bocking out the sun while looking mighty fine in their 80's inspired shades.

Back in the Hood

Stay comfortable this winter with a funky hooded jacket. Hollywood's young starlets have substituted the "inappropriately overdressed" daytime look for a more realistic and funky look with these hooded jackets. This street look is now being seen on the catwalks of many designers including Chris Benz and Chanel. So where can you wear your street-smart Jacket? On the street ofcourse! while doing errands, shopping, working that body down at the gym or lounging around at home. Make it fun with cute prints such as ones seen on Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson by designers Jet...or opt for a monochrome look that will take you from outfit to outfit, season to season.

Theres something about Mustard

Mustard is one colour thats on everyones minds (and backs) when it comes to fashion this season. This stand out piece will add punch to your winter wardrobe bringing with it an old world feel. The colour is not quiet yellow which brings a classy grown up take on citrus colours and big impact to an otherwise dark paletted outfit. The key is not to over do it. In relation to your outfit, wear one piece and one piece only of this colour and make it the highlight of your look. Not comfortable with this colour? try mustard bangles, bracelets or shoes to offset a plain outfit. From Burberry to Calvin Klien this is one colour you can't live without.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What are the "it" shades of the moment?

Thanks to the "anything goes" attitude of fashion were seeing lately, were any colour or any style works just fine as long as you know how to work, there really is no single"it" pair of shades...theres tons!!! and thank heavens for that. Every face, every style, every mood, everyday can be accompanied by a different pair of shades. The hottest sunglass looks to invest in:

* The big Jackie O style sunglasses which were revived by the like of Stylist Rachel Zoe and her former entourage of anorexic starlets including Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. This look is still going strong and hopefully for many seasons due to its mysterious glamour and sophisitication. The Dior Glossy is a hot style among celebs, however Vintage & second hand stores offer one of pieces for those who seek individualism.

*A classic pair of aviators will never let you down. EVER. A classic pair of ray-ban aviators will see you through for many years or for a more modern take on the aviators try designer models such as the Marc Jacobs erry (as seen on kate moss) and new comer Nefarious Auric sunglasses.

*Wrap glasses are the hottest thing out. This stye is usually wider along the face and a timeless style that will see you through the years. Chanel 5086, Dior Bike, Dior cannage and Dior Ski models are great pairs to invest in as seen on Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton.

*Take a trip back to the 80's in the most coverted new style by ray-ban known as "Ray-ban Wayfarers". These sunnies work two ways, either dress it down for a funky street look or dress it up (ala rachel bilson) and you've got yourself a look that will make you look Paris Chic.

On a budget? Local clothing and chain stores usually provide designer inspired styles, second hand stores provide one off shades for individuality at bargain prices and you can always rely on your trusty friend Ebay for great buys. Seen a celeb sporting a pair of shades you love? provides a whole range of AUTHENTIC designer sunglasses. The easy to use site lets you browse the best sellers and ships to nearly every country in the thats something to smile about :)

Adopted Spice?

If your not aware yet...Victoria Beckham (aka Posh spice) is currently all the rage right now, from her couture make-over to her evolving hairstyles. Last week it was her new hair plastered all over weekly gossip magazines, this week its about the Beckham's wish to adopt a baby girl to add to their family. The extent to which this is true i don't know...but i wouldn't be suprised if Victoria adopts a child because she seems to jump at every trend thats made available...and what's more trendy in the U.S right now than adoption??

Posh's hair always seems to be evolving....Anyways what do you think of Victoria's new hair? Do you prefer Long? Bob? or Short? I personally prefer the long cascading hair.

Puss in Ankle boots?

Ok i know winter in Australia is not nearly as cold as winter in Scadinavian countries...but us savvy Australian girls love embracing sophisticated winter fashion as it is a change from the laid-back relaxed look of summer with short shorts and flip-flops. So after uni today i decided to start adding things to my winter wardrobe...and what better way to start then with a pair of ankle boots...i bought a black pair today for only $25. I don't want to spend a alot of my hard earned money on ankle boots cause to me they seem like a trend that will come and go by the seasons end. This look has been seen on young hollywood starlets from Linday Lohan to Mischa Barton...but whats your take?

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