Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh i wish i was a punk rocker...

Rock is back!!! well lets face it, rock really never went out and it never will...BUT in the last few seasons runways lacked anything really sexy rather focusing on the 60's and girly swift dresses. But the hot rock scene was set by the likes of Anna Sui, D Squared and Luella. Chloe also seemed to take a turn for the best with new designer Paulo Melim Anderssen turning the innocent Chloe girl oh-so-angry. So keep the sweet shifts for day and bring out the bad rock chick when the sun goes down.

Flat Boots and Shoes

Girls prepare to get comfy with this seasons take on footwear!! Chanel paraded his models down the catwalk in tiny heeled boots and flats, whilst Giorgio Armani, Anna Sui and co showed off their collections of ballet flats, shoes and flat boots down the runway. This symbolised a woman's confidence, power and having her feet strongly grounded. This is sure to please any High heel pump loving girl who wants to give her feet a break.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What i bought - Scarf and Gray Tights

Today i was craving caffeine so much that i went to the shops to stock up on diet coke!! Probably all the stress of up coming exams getting to me. Anyways just like most of you when i go to the shops i normally come back with more than i bargained for. So i bought a pair of gray tights and a yellow cheetah print scarf, cause as you know its heading into winter in Australia! The scarf and tights together cost me $8.00 which i think is pretty cheap! So I'm quiet content with my scarf, tights and caffeine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Houndstooth Cropped Jacket

I've been meaning to buy a hounds tooth cropped jacket for a today i went on a shopping expedition and bought my self one for $50. Its a cropped style similar to the MNG one. i love it a lot and i think i will will be wearing it for many season to come.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cat eye Sunglass search

Well today i did some searching for cat eye sunglasses which i have been craving for quiet a while now. I've been looking and looking at second hand stores but to my horror they didn't have one pair of sunglasses or any eye wear for that matter! :( Oh well i guess I'll have to keep popping in to see if new stuff comes in.

So today i was searching the Internet for cat eye sunglasses but was always directed to Ebay or could only find cat eye reading glasses. So instead i went on Otticanet. This site sells Authentic (Safilo Authenticity certified) sunglasses from all your favourite designer labels. I have bought a couple of sunglasses in the past from them and they deliver quickly and package neatly.

Well i found a few cat eye designs from Ray ban, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford...anyways i picked my top four favourites, so now all i have to do is decide which ones i like the most and in what color. What do u think?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wardrobe filler - What i need

This is my list of all the clothes i want to buy at the moment
1) A black hoodie - so practical versatile and well i think everyone should have at least one hoodie in their wardrobe. I'm planning to wear mine with skinny jeans, high heel ankle boots and a funky scarf..which directs me to my second item.
2) A big thick, coloured scarf- Perhaps red, blue or green. I want it to be extra wide so it wraps around and around and around...
3) An oversized sweater to wear as a dress- seeing that I'm really into the whole rock mixed with Parisian look right now, i have been wearing (and buying) a lot of black, so I'm looking for a long sweater to wear as mini dress in grey, navy or purple. Their still darker colors but not black.
4) High-Waisted black wide-leg pants- Well this was really inspired by the lovely ladies that attended many of the fashion shows and after parties this season...most of their outfits were better than the ones parading on the catwalks.
5) A Henry Holland T-shirt- The coolest messages on a Tee inspired by models and fashion...check out the range at
6) A hounds-tooth print coat/jacket- I have always loved hounds tooth styles...i used to wear them all the time but now that animal print is soooo in i don't want to wear what 1000 other people are wearing. So i'll invest in a chic black and white one and wear it when the time is right again.
7) A gold/beige top- I love gold and black i thought i might sparkle up my wardrobe with some more gold.
8) Converse- I know this is sad and u will all probably mock me...but i have never owned a pair of converse sneakers....EVER. Don't know why...but i think i never really got into that trend cause everyone was wearing them. But i know understand why...they are a classic wardrobe for any street style.
9) A pair of Cat eye glasses- Yes I'm really do like the 80's inspired sunglasses...their are a few to choose from including...the classic ray-bans, Linda Farrow Vintage, Tom fords Anouck, Marc Jacobs has a few pairs, online vintage sellers, and second-hand stores should have I'm still looking!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I want these Marni sunglasses!!!

Theres something you should know about me...and that is that I'm a sucker for designer sunglasses!!! It's my addiction, my weakness, my love affair. I have a love-hate relationship with designer sunglasses. I love so many but i hate the fact that i can't buy them all the time. Oh well these Marni sunglasses pictured are currently making me weak at the knees. I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Studs, silver grommets and all things tough n shiny!

The fall catwalks were swarming with all things rock chick. Studs, grommets, gold and silver with lots of bling bling that made everything overpoweringly tough and shiny. Basic gloves and shoes were turned into statement making pieces and this is definitely a look because feminine baby doll dresses can be made quirky and i can wear all the black i want with grommets and silver shining from every direction.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Celebs still love stripes

I have an inkling that stripes are going to make themselves a classic staple of our wardrobe pretty soon. This trend came out a few season's ago, and well into the year celebs are still wearing stripes, and its definitely a good thing.

I love stripes, i think they are so versatile. Black and white can make you look chic and elegant, bright stripes can give you a sporty look, grey and black can give off a young Hollywood feel, red and white brings back the 60's and crazy colours and layering of stripes can take you dancing back into the 80's.

Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Gwenyth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Olsen are all hanging on to their stripes and not letting go.

Mary Kate and Ashley go shopping

I love how these two girls are always wearing black these days...probably cause i feel most comfortable and put together in black. However, they've both got two different takes on the look.

Ashley styles herself in a more chic couture sort of way, with a hint of sexiness. Whilst her sister Mary-Kate, wears black in an almost rich bitch grudge manner. Either way i love these girls...but you wait one of these days they'll both snap and wear blasts of neon colour and blind us all.

The good thing about wearing black is that its timeless...seasons and seasons after u wont get sick of it. Key to this look: Leggings, stockings, layering, big black sunglasses and black black black!

Kate Moss' colourful belt

Kate Moss annoys me because she can wear anything and look good, i suppose that's what being a supermodel is all about, but her effortless sense of style seems to surprise me with every new outfit she chooses.

Trend1: LONG SKIRTS!!! no not the dreaded boho slash hobo look that we were sporting thanks to Sienna Miller and her stylist, but this season' its all about a sophisticated look. Its all about blacks, greys, browns and whites. Anything simple and grown up, but remember long and tight fitting or a slight flare at the bottom- not one big ball of looseness.

Trend 2: COLOURFUL BELTS!! I'm digging Kate Moss' colourful belt with cute stars and little boats on them a lot...its very artsy. Colourful belts are a knock out with a simple and plain outfit.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Mischa Barton has no friends!

Ever since Nicole Richie reunited with Paris Hilton, there have been less and less spotting's of Nicole and Mischa together. However, Mischa Barton has found new and more LOYAL companions in the form of her cute little pooches. Nevertheless, i think she still looks fantastic and is trying out all different styles...I'm loving the gold shoes boots a lot in the first picture.

Big fat Necks

Who thought having a big neck would be so fashionable? Scarfs have taken on a whole new world of their own around our necks relying on the statement, "the bigger, the better". I'll definitely try this look out because after all the bigger the scarf, the smaller you'll look, and thats always a good thing.

Get you head gear on!

For the last couple of months, we've been seeing celebs and catwalks showing off head gear such as hats, trilby's and headbands. The season they show no signs of slowing down with Hermes, Chanel and Prada parading around in head and hair accessories.

This seasons its all about berets, fedoras and military inspired caps. However, I'm really loving the feminine look of hair pieces used as headbands in contrasting colours as seen at Karl Lagerfeld and Dries Van Noten. I'm also liking hair extensions and dead straight hair look.

Power brows

This season's runways, showed us a thing or two about beauty and make up trends, but none more dramatic than power brows. Power brows are thick, dark and very well shaped and make for a striking look. You gotta admit, other than waxing, eyebrows don't get much attention so runways such as Chanel decided to sport this look and I'm loving it.

I think I'll try it by grooming my eyebrows and applying an eyebrow pencil in a dark colour on them to make them more polished and defined. Don't over do it though, remember its your face, not an exhibition.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fashion offenders installment

Is Miss Hilton a fashion victim or making fashion the victim? either way she always knows how to make a treasure into trash by showing off her fanny in this designer outfit one tragic night this week. Whats worse is that her lovely foe Mischa Barton was also spotted showing off her coin slot...will this become a new trend???

For those of you who do not know who the women in the second picture is, its Jordan, wife of Peter Andre. These couple are known as the tackier versions of the Beckhams in the U.K and now also have plans of moving the States. This topless model, seems to make the most beautiful part of a woman's life tacky and cheap by trying to stuff her over sized fake melons and heavily pregnant stomach into a skimpy top 10 times too small...wat would coco chanel think seeing Jordan parading around in her sunglasses?

Then there is Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue, who now thinks that she can pull off any look that comes off the runway including the "garbage lady" look. No matter how petite or successful you are, some looks are just meant to stay on the runway.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shiny little dresses

This seasons plain palette of blacks, greys and whites is now being out staged or outrun, if you will, by random blasts of colour. Not just any ordinary colour but with high shine, high impact fabrics in all the colors of the rainbow.

I think I'll invest in a 60's style mini in order to prevent it looking like a prom ball gown. I think I'll wear it with black tights and ankle boots and have my fingers crossed that i don't make anyone blind in the process with all this color.

New York Fashion Week Beauty Tips

New York fashion week had a lot of new trends and styles to offer when it came to fashion and beauty. What are the hot make-up and beauty looks right now?

Just because the 80's is reviving itself, is no excuse to chuck out your hair straighteners. World renowned Hair Stylist Orlando Pita still paraded models down the runway with super straight and shiny hair...note: the longer, the better. Extensions anyone??

Faces took a neutral tone, with minimal colour and foundation being the key to a porcelain doll like face. This works great with the strong growing Scarlett lips trend, which are Red hot, excuse the pun.

I'll give you a wedgie for those Wedges

Wedges have been hot for a while, but it is not until now that I'm really pulling this look together. I own a pair of brown wedges that my grannie bought for me that i love and now i wear them everywhere. I haven't seen many people walking around wearing wedges but i think these shoes are a way of looking put together and sophisticated during the day, in an effortless way. I'm loving the look, seen on Kate Bosworth.

Kate Moss' Slimming Secrets REVEALED!!

Kate Moss has finally gone public about her slimming secrets! NO it's not the drugs, it's not exercise, infact shes not on a diet at all!! All she has to do is go out in public with two much heavier ladies by her side...and WALLA shes skinny!

Anyways back to my fashion, I love how Kate Moss' has teamed a shimmer top and shimmer jacket in tow different shades together. The silver top and bronze jacket would be classified as so over the top, but kate moss manages to keep it casual in her boho-kind-of-way by pairing it with her signature black skinny jeans and floppy flat boots. Gotta love the classic chanel bag aswell...bravo to u Kate.

Others celebs loving the shimmer and shine include Naomi Watts and her co-models Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell. However they all opted for Bling-Bling coats.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love it or hate it??

Ashlee Simpson, J.Lo and Nicky Hilton all wore strange but unique outfits recently when they headed out for the night. Im loving Ashlee's bright blue jeans but im not so sure about J-lo's skull dress.

A skull dress is pretty outrageous but pairing it with a rabbit fur vest makes it all the more outrageous...and not in a good way. Im not liking the look at all. Seperately spectacular, together their a disaster.

As for Nicky Hilton's wedges, the black and white stripes are so out-there that I LOVE THEM. She gets away with them cause she keeps her outfit plain and simple...god knows wat a tragedy these shoes would have looked like if her sister Paris tried to pull them off!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kate Moss demonstrates why NOT to do drugs

Kate Moss is a good example of why you shouldn't do drugs. Since this girl hooked back up with Pete Doherty she hasn't been looking her best. Both constantly look tired, on drugs, sporting one to many PREVENTABLE pimples due to their drug use and blotchy eyes.

Kate Moss may be known for her style but lately shes been sporting the same pair of jeans and Leopard Print her style going down the drain??? maybe all that drug taking makes you too tired to care. To add to all this Kate was dropped for FHM's sexiest 100 poll...not good, not good at all.

Everyones blaming Pete for her drug abuse...but lets not forget Kate Moss has been snorting the stuff way before she met the guy...anyways in more supermodel news that stupid skank Naomi Campbell is planning on designing her own Lingerie Line, i wonder what is going to be called? "Bashed up by Naomi Campbell" prehaps?

Victoria's Skiing Style

The day Victoria Beckham stepped out onto the slopes wearing a killer black Chanel Ski suit and big 'Dior Bike' sunglasses my love for her was reignited. As my favourite spice girl Victoria Beckham's sense of style has always impressed me (excluding her WAG days).
Although her style is great, this new Short Blonde crop of hers is just not doing anything for me...she used to look sexy on the ski slopes now she just looks like a little boy with that haircut and petite figure...wat do you think?