Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going on Holidays

Hey guys,

Just about to leave on Holidays for Norway!! Can't wait, except for the 23 hour flight from here. I will try and blog from Norway, just have to steal a laptop lol. Anyways today i got my swimsuit that i ordered, THANK GOD. I was getting really nervous. well take care and i will write as as soon as i get there. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I am currently super jealous of the person who has purchased this Gold Gun. Not only is it very rare, stylish and well GOLD, it belonged to one of the biggest musical icons Elvis Presley! I don't think i would ever have the need to use it (well i hope not), but it is ever stylish and if i had a spare $28,000 lying around, i may have been able to purchase it no?

Beyonce and Jay Z at Nudist beach

This pic is just added for comic relief. Beyonce looking like a beach goddess in her floaty green cover up and gold jewellery and her fiance Jay Z are currently on vacation in Saint Baths, were they had to walk through a nudist beach today to get to their desired location. I just thought the way in which Beyonce was completely trying to avoid looking was not only obvious but extremely funny!! While her bodyguard looked super stylish carrying around Beyonce's over sized gold tote.

Angelina Jolie and her girls

OK you got to admit that Angelina Jolie is the proud mother of two very beautiful girls, with many more to come according to Angelina Jolie, but is it just me or do these two girl Zahara and Shiloh mimic each others facial expressions? To me they are starting to resemble each other with their wide open eyes, pillowy lips, and blank stares. Either way these girls are apart of one of the worlds most beautiful families.

Balenciaga dress- Runway to Real way

Gemma ward in this Balenciaga Fall dress looks absolutely rocker chic, pairing her outfit with balenciaga open toe boots, messy hair and dark smoky eyes, whilst ditching the bright blue leggings. The dress is very hard to make unqique due to the amount of detailing but which look do you prefer? The runway style or Gemma Wards take on it?

Most controversial dress of the week

Tyra Banks showing up to the daytime Emmy Awards caused a stir, when she popped up in this outrageous number. It has been regarded as one of the most hideous outfits at the event. She wore a puffy bronze Roberto Cavalli number, in which i am still undecided about whether i like it or not.

OK i don't think it is a bad dress, but i do think that it was the wrong event to wear it too and perhaps even on the wrong person. It is a bit too 80's prom for me and looks more like glamorous over the top evening wear than a day time one.

What do you think of Tyra's dress?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen style

These are just a few picks of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's style. Although they both seem to prefer black, white, grey and super high heels, the way they put their looks together is completely different.

The Brits do it best!!

Kate Moss is the ultimate clothing recycler. Once she's found a style or piece of clothing she loves, she sticks to it no matter how much money or shopping time she may have on her hands. Kate Moss has always been a vest lover and a fan of the androgynous look, but these days she seems to be sporting the same vest designed by her for her very own extremely successful Top Shop range while also sporting her current favourite black bag.

As for Miss sienna, i still think she still has a very unique style. I really like the dress, its very exotic, Beachy and summery, with various colors and prints flowing together. Although I do not like her dishevelled hair, i like the interesting pink detailing of the sunglasses.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen pic

This pic is so cute it shows the true characters behind the two girls. As this photo shows Mary-Kate is a bit more out their, daring and fun loving, while Ashley Olsen looks laid back and reserved which reflects in conservative, minimalist and classic style. all in all its a very raw and cute photo.

Model Sasha Pivorova look

Top model Sasha Pivovarova may send a shiver down the spines of many with her fierce catwalk looks, but behind the scenes it appears to be no different. This is what a model should be like, besides the obvious prerequisites of tall and thin, a unique look should be apparent in order to set yourself apart from the 1000's of other girls trying to get noticed. No wonder the fashion industry has gone gaga over her because this girl is INTENSE. She has a certain look which will pierce you soul if you look too long. Let the pictures speak for themselves...

Look of the Week - Victoria Beckham

This is my favourite celebrity look of the week. Although it is completely obvious that Victoria does in fact spend a lot of time, effort and money on the way she looks, poses and dresses, i have to say this is the closest to casual you will see Victoria Beckham these days.

I might be bias but i really have a thing for sparkly tops, metallics and aviators, and this ones perfect and the whole look is a lot lighter than what she has been wearing lately. At the DVB launch at Saks Fifth Avenue, were only 70 fans turned up (which is low apparently for a celebrity launch), she still kept to her overly edited style.

New York Style Apparel Web

A few things i noticed from the New York Style Apparel Web pics.

  • Love how the first girl clashed her multi-colored pastel dress with leopard print shoes in a way that is not too obvious.

  • The second girl is simple and cool with a cropped jacket and mustard top, to brighten up her skinny jeans and dark aviator sunglasses.

  • The third girl although very casual is super-cute with her short-shorts, bright summer bag, big yellow sunglasses and a very summery ice-cream.

  • The fourth girl seemed so natural. Wasn't trying and looks simply great. Curly hair, mixed colors and reverting to last years trend of the belt worn on the hips.

  • Fifth girl looks very now. High waisted jeans, peep toe shoes and a floaty top.

  • Last photo is my favourite! Love the orange shoes!! :D and the way his hair do compliments the look.

Kiera Knightley Last summer

The way Kiera Knightley wore this dress/skirt last summer brought attention to a whole new way to wear belts. Although alot of people did not like the belt across the crest, as can be seen by the fact that the look did not become mainstream, i thought it gave her outfit a creative impression. She extremely thin so she needs something to hold her dress up. We've seen ribbons, lace and elastic holding a dress up so why not a belt?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Victoria Beckham at The Real Madrid Game

Last night Victoria Beckham, her family and Tom and Katie Cruise watched the final match David Beckham will be playing with his real Madrid Team. As always Victoria Beckham was dressed to impress. With a complete black ensemble consisting of sunglasses, hermes bag and dress which was broken down with a large hot pink belt. Ahh only Victoria and crew could get away with wearing sunglasses after 10pm.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Aishwarya Airport Style

If you don't know who Aishwarya Rai is she is a Former Miss World, model and Actress. You may have seen her on L'oreal ads or at the Cannes Film Festival with former L'oreal spokeswomen.

These pictures caught my attention due to the way both her and her husband were dressed. It's interesting to see how couples begin to dress similarly as seen her with the Jeans, leather jackets, designer sunglasses and bags. Very appropriately dressed for the airport by not sacrificing style or comfort. These two are well on their way to becoming the nest dressed India Actors.

Ashley Olsen: minimilist style

Ashley Olsen is once again proving to me that minimalism is best! I love these two pics of her because i think she looks absolutely fresh, put-together and classy in a very effortless sort of way. Baby blue button down shirt, tailored skinny leg jeans, wayfarers and huge balenciaga heels. To me she looks superb!

The Chanel Coco Cabas Bag

Kate Moss' favourite bag of late seems to be the Chanel Coco Cabas bag. It is an over sized Patent bag with chain straps and the iconic double C logo on it. The bag starts at $1000 depending on whether you choose plastic, satin, black or grey. However i was surprised to see Bill Cunninghams New York times artical which showed just how many people in New York alone own this bag! I like patent at the moment, but i have a fear that once the trend fazes, the shininess of the bag will just look tacky no?

Layering necklaces upon necklaces

In 2005 necklace layering was big, but these days it seems to be re-emerging on the runways. This look completes the tough rock chick styles that have come about, i personally love necklace layering so it is good to see designers re-introducing it.

Party Glamour

Many awards and charity night have been in full effect over the last few weeks, and these are my choices for the few of the standouts.

1) Minnie Driver- I think she gets better with age, and i love the color and jewel embellishments of the dress.

2) Emily Blunt- Known for being the uptight assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, looks absolutely ravishing in a top-to-toe silver ensemble. This look could either make or break an outfit, and she obviously made it work!

3)Sophia Bush-Simple and understated in black, but the Key Hole neck gives it that uniqueness.

4) Silvester Stallone's Date/wife/girlfriend- I don't know who this girl is besides the fact that she was Silvester Stallone's date for a Charity event. Either way it seems like she has tried to cover up her nipples with something that makes them look all the more bizarre. Points go to her for not trying to reveal it all, but if your going to wear a revealing dress, perhaps try a strapless bra?

5) Nicole Richie- This girl is thin, but she sure knows how to dress, looking extremely elegant and happy to say the least.

Would you wear noseless shades?

The Yves Saint Laurent opened our eyes to the world of noseless sunglasses. Noseless sunglasses are those in which the nose bridge is missing therefore the lenses are not attached in anyway to each other.

I thought these sunglasses on the runway looked quiet odd but Rachel Bilson has adapted them to everyday wear and i don't think they look pretty good on her. I am not entirely convinced about this style but then again at least you wont have a problem with your sunglasses sliding off your nose right?

Sienna Miller Fringe Dress

Just saw this photo of Sienna Miller sporting the Fringe trend accessorized with Burberry and is it just me or does Sienna look extremely thin in that photo?

Hot bags: Totes and Shoppers.

Oversized Totes and Shoppers seem to be on the shoulders and arms of many celebrities this season. The shopper was brought back into the limelight with the $1800 Prada Gauffre bag as seen on Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Beyonce and Jessica Simpson.

This season the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Tote and Yves Saint Laurent Downtown bags are taking over the reign. One bag like this and you can get going for a shopping spree or for travelling in style!

Eva Longoria without make up

Eva Longoria is proof that wearing make up all the time isn't a good thing. Firstly constant use of make up will eventually tire your skin out and secondly when you decide to go a day without make up, it feels extremely odd to people to see you in your natural skin. I don't think she looks ugly but make up certainly makes a big difference.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fashion Show Attenders

Fashion Show Attenders always seem to make serious fashion statement's before the season's show even begins. This season their looks were all about toughness, ankle boots, cinched waists, statement bags, military jackets and black, black and more black! Here are just some of the looks i liked. which look do you like? i personally love the 3rd and 6th look.

Crystallized Mobile phone covers

I know this is not a new concept, but seeing that i get bored of things really easily, such as my mobile phone, i have decided that, when i do get sick of the look, i am going to get myself a mobile phone cover. Not just any cover, but a snake skin textured one with Swarovski crystals on it. I really like the first one, while the second is an obvious Louis Vuitton knock-off. You can purchase them online at Lets Crystal It.

Nicky Hilton style

Nicky Hilton (the better Hilton in my opinion), is one of those girls who is content with minimalist dressing. All this girl needs is a monochrome outfit, a bag, and a pair of sunglasses and she's done! I probably like her style because she reflects the way i tend to dress on a normal day. For once Paris being in jail has given this Nicky Hilton an opportunity to shine through.

Zips Zips all types of Zips

Ever since the Christopher Kane dresses had such an impact in the fashion circuit for their revival of the 80's through the use of very obvious zippers going down body hugging bandage dress', many designers have jumped on board and adorned many of their garments with zippers. From mini dresses, to raincoats to jumpsuits the zipper trend hit it big.

Katie Holmes New Hair

Katie Holmes cut of her long locks for a shorter more youthful look this week. However many are saying she is gradually turning into Victoria Beckham. I personally think her look is completely different to that of Posh Spice. Katie Holmes hair is much more youthful, fun and quirky and scruffy in a good way. The poor girl is now the victim of the media calling her a copy-cat purely because she choice to have a short due like millions of people across the world...i say get over it because it looks good on her!

Let's do our Tribal Dance!

It seems that tribal inspired styles are coming back onto the catwalks as of late. With many designers displaying these African style patterns on the classic maxi dress. For a new take for autumn, spring or summer, shorter hemlines produce a very modern look of this re occurring theme.

Michael Jackson Auction

Since many of Michael Jackson's memorabilia and costumes went under the hammer at the beginning of the month including leather jackets, bright blazers, half gloves, and all that shimmers. I thought i would just post a few pics of the many styles that The King of Pop wore over the years. Love him or hate him, he is still a legend in many eyes.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Which celebrity would you be?

Lets play a game! Say god came down and demanded that you had to swap lives with one celebrity in the whole world who would you choose? Remeber it can be anybody, actress, model, socialite, adult star, musician anybody!

BUT if you do choose someone, you get the whole package. From their boyfriends, to their family drama's, to rumours, to scandals, to their reputation, to divorce, to affairs and their looks.
Remember its just a game...

Messy buns

I've seen celebs sporting a messy bun of late. Being summer across the other side of the world, the messy bun hair style is the best way to look effortlessly chic while keeping the heat away.

Ashley Olsen's straight out of bed look has become somewhat appropriate with Max Factor styling Carmen Electra's hair in the same way for a charity fundraiser. As for Kate Moss, this is probably just a get up and go job which she always seems to pull off, and with the world's most famous face, why would you want to cover it up?

Me & Wayfarer's

Today after exams i sought some retail therapy and bought myself a new leather bag, which was harder than i thought considering everything in the shops these days are a knock-off either the Miu Miu Coffer, the metallic Marc Jacobs Stam bag or a Chloe Paddington! I work at a handbag & accessories store, but they too make copies of trendy high-end bags and accessories, so i had to search hard and long.

Well, when i popped in to my store what else but a whole collections of multi-colored ray-bans were staring me in the face!! This was the perfect opportunity to test the style out. So instead of being a closed minded bitch for once, i tried a pair of black ones on (too scared to try the bright colors). I might have given wayfarer's a bad wrap from time to time, but i can understand now why people like them. They're a contrast to the over sized bug eye styles, and are kinda edgy.

My dad has a pair of ray-Ban wayfarer's from way back, but he has a sentimental attachment to them, because they were the first pair of sunglasses he ever owned and they must bring back a lot of memories, so it didn't feel appropriate to ask.
I bought myself a pair to test out and to see if i feel comfortable in them. They were only $10 so even if i decide i really hate them, then theirs no big loss and at least i tried them out right?
Well you be the judge keep them or dump them?

Kate moss Style continued

Just a few more pics of Kate because i love her and her effortless sense of style!!

Kooba bags

I'm quiet annoyed that Kooba bags are not available in Australia...well even if they are they must be stocked in very limited places. I heard about Kooba a while ago, but i decided to go on the website and actually check them out, and i must say that i really like them.
The styles are pretty classic, and not too on trend which is a good sign of a bag that can be worn season after season. Anyone who lives in the U.S or wherever they stock Kooba bags, what is the reputation of these bags? Are they popular? And are they good quality bags?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kate Moss Style

I cannot get enough of this girl, there is something about her that always keeps us intrigued. I love her sense of style, casual yet ever so chic.

Pic 1- Kate at the top Shop launch at Barney's with a feminine chiffon dress and a bright yellow clutch sets the whole look off.

Pic 2- Kate Moss looking aboslutely beautiful at heading to the airport with a oversized Gucci carry on bag, wyfarer sunglass' from her top-shop range, cute silver flats and hair neatly pulled together bun.

Pic 3- Normal day, getting upto mischief with boyfriend Pete Doherty in a completely black ensemble.

Pic 4- Out for dinner with friends, in a long satin skirt and the same belt as the previous pic.

Would you wear a $400 Prada Turban?

Other than for religious reasons, would you consider wearing the turban as a fashion statement? The turban known for being worn by men of the Sikh religion, has been brought into fashion for women by prada designer Muccia Prada.

Some believe wearing it offensive to those who consider the Turban a sacred item which has great meaning. While others think the trend is ridiculous. However many have tried the trend and it might in fact become mainstream with many street styled teens.

I don't think i would wear the Turban, but who knows when i see someone that can convince that the look can be pulled off without looking ridiculous, then who knows?

If your a die hard fan of the look, you can buy a $400 turban from a Prada boutique for around US$400. But if you want to experiment with the style, you can buy a turban similar to the one in the second picture, at eBay store Luxury Divas for around $10.

It bag of the season- Miu Miu Coffer bag

The bag of the season seems to be the Miu Miu coffer bag, which retails for around US 1,500. This bag has been seem on the like of Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Sienna Miller, Kiera Knightley and Mischa Barton. It comes in polished leather or suede. I'm kinda over "it" bags, but hey celebrities still love them, so theres no stopping it.

Lanvin dress- Runway to Real Way

Victoria Beckham looked hot and summer ready in this Spring 07 White Lanvin dress as she was departing from LAX airport. Unlike the model, Victoria teamed her look with Tan Christian Louboutin pumps, her own line of Oversized sunglasses model DVB-3 in tortoise shell frame, and a big white Giambattista Valli bag. Who wears in better runway mode Sasha Pivovarova or Victoria Beckham?

Britney Spears is one classy Lady

NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT! this "girl" and thats exactly what she is, should seriously be thrown in jail for the numerous times she has flashed her privates. I seriously think it should be a crime that will should be punishable. Ok one time may be an accident, but well over 5 times is just a desperate plea for attention.

She makes me sick, everyday i see photo's of her, why doesn't she just stay home, get her family and career back together and let people miss seeing her. Not wearing a bra and underwear when your a celebrity isn't the best way to get yourself a good image nor is jumping in the back seat of a car with a seriously short dress, while 100's of paparrazzi are around!

This girl has stopped talking to her mum, but i really think it's about time that she does because she's off her nutter and needs some serious guidance.

Two Faced!

we've seen faces splashed all over t-shirts in the past, but Lanvin and Sonia Rykiel have adapted this 80's look onto their seasons statement making dress'.

While Lanvin kept to the classic girl with the bedroom eyes, Sonia Rykiel in collaboration with her daughter Nathalie, made cheeky little dress' that poking faces.

With their loose fit, not much needs to be done to pull of this look, except keeping everything else to a minimum!

Street Style

Apparently these girls are American, my bad anyways, The cult party group Cobra Snake uploads pictures every week from various parties and events from around the world, and her you will find the most daring style divas around!

I particularly like the way these girls dress, it's cool without being too over the top. Their all loving their high waisted bloomer shorts, and check out that bling bling bikini paired with a chunky gold chain on the girl who appears to look a lot like Mary-Kate Olsen.

They all seem to have very similar styles though, with ankle boots, mini dress' and vintage-style glass', but the people you hang around, normally influence your thoughts, mannerisms and dress sense, both consciously and subconsciously.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kinky Pleasures

When Victoria Beckham stepped out to receive her 'Women of the year award' by glamour magazine, her outfit created quite a steer. I personally didn't like it because i don't think this is her style at all, but she decided to wear those short short bloomers, purely because the brand was Chanel.

However, there are a lot of people who prefer to dress this way, not for attention, but because it is apart of their way of life, social environment and subculture. Shorts in Leather, PVC, Vinyl are quiet kinky, and i am attracted to it, but i would never step out of the house wearing it because:

A) i would feel naked

B) I don't think i would pull it off

C) I would leave it to the experts such as Goth's and punk who would wear it and wear it well!

But in side the home...well that's another story...

Many eBay seller's sell these kinky shorts, including stores such as Night Time Pleasures, and Lesley's Lingerie and Swimwear. So if this tickles your fancy, then buy yourself a much more affordable pair on eBay, unlike the Chanel ones.

The life of Rachel Bilson & her Aviators

Left to right: Dolce and Gabanna, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford & Chloe

Rachel Bilson is one girl that's going to stick to her style, whether it's in fashion or not, which can be seen in her adamant choice to stick to aviator style sunglasses. With all the styles of sunglasses that have come through over the years such as bug-eye styles and the Big Brand must haves, Miss Bilson, kept her cool in an assortment of different coloured, styled and shaped aviator's. And she might be onto a good thing, because let's face it, aviator's are a classic.

Joss Stone and Victoria Beckham -Then & Now

just thought i would put this picture up of Singer Joss Stone and victoria Beckham considering how cute they both look in the photo. It's funny to see how much people change over the years looks wise. Joss Stone looked like the innocent little girl, while victoria looked like the hot girl that lives next door. While they transform, i always feel that i look exactly the same, and when there is change, it's never for the better.
Anyways Victoria has a gorgeous smile and she should smile more often. Whilst Joss Stone on the other hnd is becoming more and more beautiful by the day, why don't they talk about this girl much? She's got talent, looks and least i'll do my part and show her off!

Fendi Crossword bag

I personally never thought this Fendi Crossword bag would become a big hit with the stars, but it certainly is starting too. This is one bag that would certainly bring attention your way, not only because of the size, but because of the crazy colours it come in from silver to purple with hot pink trimming.

I love oversized bags, but I'm not really a fan of bags that look a bit bricky or really bulky. However, theres something about the purple one that really attracts my attention, but at $2230, i will be keeping my distance from this bag.

Stockings with a Twist

Next fall, stockings and tights move away from the classic and into the weirdly alluring styles. Try metallics, fishnets and one's covered in quirky prints!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chloe Sevigny Style

Just a few pics of Chloe Sevigny who's style i love because she is so unique, incorporating high fashion with unusual vintage finds.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Model Iekeliene Stange Style

I already did a post on this girl, but i found a pic taken of her walking around the streets of London. When i saw this outfit and the aura that surrounds her, you would never in a million years have guessed that this girl is one of the most in demand faces on the international runways this year.

With all the success and attention, she seems to be an extremely down to earth character who's hobbies include "photography, making amazing tutu's and keeping it real". She tells Teen Vogue that she doesn't really care what other think or do quoting "i just do whatever i feel like". This is the kind of girl that needs to be role model for today's young Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons.

Fashion Models and smoking

This post is not about preaching you to stop smoking, that's your choice, but just something i noticed when i was searching the net. I was amazed to see just how many and how often fashion model's smoke backstage. There are even posts in forum's which are entitled "Smoking Versus Eating", and i must admit smoking was a close winner in the final tally.

I'm surprised they all still look pretty even with all those toxins going through their bodies. And imagine the number of passive smokers, who have to breathe it all in! It must be some sort of stress reliever for them, i don't know, but it can't be too good for your health!

Ashley Olsen Prada Sunglasses

On other websites their has been alot of talk about these prada sunglasses. Some beleive the logo is too showy, and a designers name shouldn't be plastered all over your body, while others think they look fantastic. I actually tried on these glasses at my local sunglass hut store, and they do look fantastic, but the color i wanted was sold out.
If your not a fan of logo's with your hair down you can't really see the logo (even though prada is nothing to feel ashamed about). I think these sunglasses look really nice, probarbly because i am a fan of wrap style sunglasses and Ashley Olsen makes them the key to her outfit because everthing else is really simple and monchrome colored.
These sunglass' come in either an ordinary finish or a leathery finish (dont know if it's leather though).
Ordinary finish model number: Prada SPR O4H, the come in tortoise shell, light havana, beige and classic black. Between US$ 173-$194 depending on color.
Leathery finish: SPR O5H, come in black and brown. Between US$186-$191
Both can be bought on Otticanet, who deliver between 1-5 days max!

Nicky Hilton and Victoria Hermes Bag.

I always thought that Nicky Hilton was the smarter sister but after hearing that she thinks Paris doesn't deserve to go to jail by saying “I think she should definitely be punished, but going to jail for a traffic violation is pretty absurd”, I'm starting to think she may not be too bright.

This ain't the first time Paris has been caught and if she was let off i guarantee she would have done the exact thing again, and killing someone in the process will keep you in jail longer than 23 days! But then again, families are mean't to support you even when you have committed the worst of crimes, so i guess Nicky can be excused for this comment.

Even with all this Paris talk, i couldn't help but admire how cute Nicky Hilton's Hermes bag was! A bag that probably costs a lot more than a house deposit, is carried ever so casually by Nicky. I do however, think that Victoria's outfit looks a lot more appropriate with a cute little Hermes bag!