Monday, June 11, 2007

Ashley Olsen Prada Sunglasses

On other websites their has been alot of talk about these prada sunglasses. Some beleive the logo is too showy, and a designers name shouldn't be plastered all over your body, while others think they look fantastic. I actually tried on these glasses at my local sunglass hut store, and they do look fantastic, but the color i wanted was sold out.
If your not a fan of logo's with your hair down you can't really see the logo (even though prada is nothing to feel ashamed about). I think these sunglasses look really nice, probarbly because i am a fan of wrap style sunglasses and Ashley Olsen makes them the key to her outfit because everthing else is really simple and monchrome colored.
These sunglass' come in either an ordinary finish or a leathery finish (dont know if it's leather though).
Ordinary finish model number: Prada SPR O4H, the come in tortoise shell, light havana, beige and classic black. Between US$ 173-$194 depending on color.
Leathery finish: SPR O5H, come in black and brown. Between US$186-$191
Both can be bought on Otticanet, who deliver between 1-5 days max!


Arlene said...

GASP! love those prada sunglasses, thanks for the link to wear to buy them!

Olivia said...

I HAVE THESE GLASSES!!!!great to see someone else appreciates them too. They caught my attention because model sasha was wearing them in a photo i found on the net, and she was on all the ad campaigns too so i had to have them. and they look great on everyone that tries my sunglasses on.

Lorna said...

it is interesting to think people would hate to have the designer logo on their sunglasses. Its annoying when people display labels all over their outfits from a tacky von dutch cap, to a fake gucci name printed across the chest of a top, to a pair of sneakers with bold obvious logos on it, to a printed monogram bag.

but i think logos on sunglass' are good, because it distinguishes sunglass' from all the other knock-offs at cheaper stores. It is good to have one label showing, and i think the olsen chick does it well by keeping the rest of her outfit clean cut.

sarah kay said...

i don't care for expensive sunglasses because I always seem to lose them! But I actually love her very simple outfit. I need it.

Tamara said...

i bought these sunglasses today straight away after seeing your post!

They were hard to track down, because apparently they are a limited edition pair, but i found them at a Sunglass Hut and they were on sale.

They're big and hot i love them! thanks for the post and i love your blog!

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