Monday, June 4, 2007

Fashion industry caught my attention

Today when i was looking through fashions shows, i came across three photos which i think are worth a mention.

The first photo is of Guido Palau, a hair guru renowned for the many hairstyles seen on the runway each season. Even working behind the scenes, you can't help but be influenced by the trends that emerge. Back in the day, you would have never been caught dead wearing more than one print, especially when they clash together this much. But Guido's hounds tooth scarf and striped shirt work so well together! Its a french man goes to sea look and it's very striking yet classic.

The second photo is of top model Lisa Cant and Gilmore girls Alexis Bledel. I couldn't help but notice the strikingly familiar features these girls share, from their brown hair, blue eyes, slender figure and gorgeous smiles, you could be mistaken for thinking they are sisters!

While the last photo goes to show you that all you girls buying high-end designer make-up such as Chanel and Dior may be missing the mark. With many make-up artists such as legendary Pat Macgrath using bargain priced designer store finds including Max Factor, Cover girl, Maybelline and L'Oreal. If it's good enough for the high end designers to use on models to wear down the runway, it must be good!


paul said...

all this make up talk:) but to be honest, less make up = best!!

kelly said...

i used MAC for a while, then changed to maybelline and to tell you the truth maybelline is much better. i pay US$13 for maybelline while i pay US$55 for MAC foundation. Its just marketed for dumb girls who think paying more gives better results.

Seraphine said...

There is a difference! Cheap makeup often applies unevenly or blobs. The real factor, however, is the skill of the person applying it.