Sunday, July 29, 2007

Latex leggings and waxed jeans

With the whole patent look successfully making it's way down the runways to main stream public, it's no surprise that waxed jeans and latex leggings are on the rise.

It's apart of the whole tough girl look that's been evident on the runway's for the fall season which include black, leather and patent styles. High gloss adds an 80's touch, however shine may attract attention to those bits and pieces of the body that may be in less than perfect shape. For those who don't like the out-there look try waxed jeans.
I'm trying to find myself a pair to see if it works well in reality or at least on my body, but it's been harder to find than i thought. When i find an (affordable) pair I'll do a post on it.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bright Summer dresses

The best part about summer is you can let yourself experiment with brighter colors, bold prints and short hemlines in a manner which suits warm sunny days perfectly. I'm really loving the Salmon colored dress Beyonce is wearing while Lindsay Lohan sports the new season take on dresses- The Maxi.

It's interesting to see how all four women abandoned their summer flats for thick wedges and sky high heels in a bid to dress up relaxed floaty style dresses.

Red Ray Ban Wayfarers

OK we all know wayfarer's are big, but these days our young Hollywood starlets can't get enough of their ray ban wayfarer's that their now sporting these 80's shades in fiery red. First seen on Lindsay Lohan red wayfarer's are a modern take on the classic style.

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off such a bright color adorning your face, but Mary Kate Olsen and Rachel Bilson work the look by keeping the rest of their outfit black, while Sienna Miller prefers to color coordinate which also works.

However, I don't think red wayfarers will stand the test of time, so it may be better to invest in a cheaper chain store inspired style for around $10 rather than folk out $100 on a very trendy seasonal piece.

Victoria Beckhams repeat outfits

This is one of the reason's i love Victoria Beckham, with all her money and exposure she still manages to keep it real by wearing outfits more than once.

I like the fact that she isn't afraid to wear the same thing twice, however, wearing a certain piece of clothing more than once is one thing, but wearing the exact same ensemble with the same accessories is another. I don't know weather it's a lack of Victoria's creativity to try something new with a few key pieces or perhaps she doesn't want to mess with something that already works for her.

Either way, if Victoria Beckham can repeat outfits then their is hope for the rest of us. Just a few pics of her repeat outfits.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lindsay Lohan 4th July Party

Lindsay Lohan's 4th of July party saw the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and a brand new boyfriend in attendance. However, what struck me was how many of the attenders were wearing stripes. Lindsay Lohan, Her sister, her mum, another guest and Nicky Hilton were striped out. So it looks like the stripe trend is here to stay.

Paris and Nicky Hilton style

a few years ago, Paris and Nicky Hilton were the main culprits who kicked off the tacky slogan t-shirts i mentioned about a few posts back. They were both in dire need of showing off what designer brand they were wearing, with slogans, colors and self-obsessed messages like 'Queen of the universe' popping out from every angle.

Although Paris Hilton is known for her fashion mistakes, she does however have a few good outfits and both sisters have now adopted a more grown up fuss free style.

Spice Girls Tour 2007

I was a fanatic spice girls fan back in the day. I had owned Spice world the movie, Girl Power the documentary, The deodorant spray, the lollipops, the t-shirt, magazines they featured in....anyways that was then but now i am quiet confused about this new tour they have announced.

A lot of fans of the Spice Girls have grown, whilst this generation probably don't even know who the Spice girls are. So i am curious as to who will actually attend their concerts.
Either way, their style has become a lot more sophisticated now and some of these girls need a name change. Scary spice ain't too scary anymore and Victoria Beckham is starting too look a lot scarier than the rest.

Fashion offenders Installment

Just a few pictures of some very bad fashion choices by three celebs in the past including Victoria Beckham, Bjork and Alicia Keys. Victoria Beckham's outfit is very inappropriate for a mother of three and she kind of looked like she was going to a ballet recital. And i have no idea what Alicia Keys was thinking in either of these outfits. Thank god at least two of them have gotten their act together, while Bjork.. well...will always be Bjork.

Runway to Real Way - Neon Brights

When looking at all the neon colors popping up on the runway one after the other it may have been hard to contemplate the look being easily adaptable for wear-ability. However, many celebrities including Chloe Sevigny and China Chow added knock-out colors to their outfits with neon colors. Its a great look night time when everyone else opts for black, neon is the best way to stand out.

Margherita Missoni style

Apart of the very successful Missoni designer family, it is not wonder why Margherita Missoni has such great style. This girl never puts a foot wrong when it comes to dressing up and with such beautiful Missoni dresses to choice Miss Missoni never shy's away from color, prints or luxurious textures.

Leelee Sobieski tries out the bow tie

Eyes Wide Shut and Joan of Arc actress, Leelee Sobieski made an appearance lately in a peculiar outfit. She teamed a classic black dress with a bow tie. The trend has popped up on the runway of late with Nina Ricci, Anna Sui and Luella finishing off outfits in aristocratic looking bow ties.

However, i really don't think Leelee Sobieski pulled off the look well, theirs just something missing in this outfit to bring the bow tie and the dress together. Perhaps she should have gone for a billowing silk style that would drape over the dress. What do u think of her take on the bow tie.

Couture Show attenders

As always fashions front row were impeccably dressed for the Fall 2007 Couture shows being held this week.

At Christian dior attenders kept the color minimal, opting for an edgy look primarily surrounding the color black. Charlize Theron's dark eye make-up could have seen her walking for the likes of the Dior House itself. Whilst Georgina Chapman's outfit consisting of tough elements including black, chains and leather were put together in a way that made her look elegant rather than hard.

Christian Lacroix front row attenders, were dressed alot brighter in clashing prints, whites and punches of red, which created a more easy going atmosphere for such a high end show.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Relationship Status Necklaces

Remember those tacky t-shirts a few years back that had messages printed on them such as 'my face is up here', 'thats hot', 'man-teaser' 'too hot to handle' etc....well thanks to the likes of Paris Hilton a new form of tacky has emerged.

These new necklaces that say 'Available or Taken' come across as very juvenile to me. I don't like the fact that anyone would feel comfortable wearing their marital status around their neck in such an attention seeking way. While the Available necklaces make the wearer seem very desperate to be in a relationship.

Kelly Osborne was seen wearing a 'taken' necklace even though she has only been dating her new man for two months, but this necklace is nothing c ompared to the fact that she has already moved in with the guy. While Paris Hilton on the other hand, is probarbly wearing this necklaces as apart of the 'cute girl image' she tries to portray.

Henry Holland T-shirts

A while back i mentioned i wanted a Henry Holland T shirt, still haven't got around to getting one though, and i don't really think i will because i think they have are going to become extremely trendy.

First these t-shirts designed by Henry Holland for the Fashion East Fall collection were given a lot of fashion industry coverage because of it's cheekiness and slogans inclusive of names of those in the fashion industry including famous past and present models.

Secondly, rapidly rising model Agyness Deyn (third picture) is fast becoming a style icon within the fashion set for her quirky style choices, was also spotted wearing these t-shirts.

Thirdly anything that Nicole Richie wears always becomes an instant favourite and a chain store copy is always around the corner.

In Norway

Oh my god, i have been dying for some peace and quiet since i arrived here in Norway. i didn't realise how addicted to the Internet i was until now, its kinda become a drug. Well anyways i am currently in Bergen Norway which is a fairly relaxed city, people are friendly, easy going and very active. I have been doing some shopping, going to all the touristy sort of places and eating eating and eating (i know i know i am going to get fat, but its the holidays).

Hopefully i will be able to post from here, but the Internet is always in use by someone.

Anyways as you all know colored jeans are making a come back, but i have noticed many girls on the streets wearing white jeans and it's kinda refreshing from the traditional blue jeans. In Australia you don't really see many people wearing white jeans because:

a) Stains in any color show up in an instant and in hotter weather white can be ruined quicker.

b) You have to take extra care to keep white jeans looking newer for longer.

c) Disguising what style or color underwear your wearing can be a problem in light colored jeans.

d) Lets face it, white clothing can be cruel. It shows off every curve and makes you look wider than you are.

BUT two British celebs don't seem to care. Prince Williams ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham flaunt their thin-pins in tight white skinny jeans, and they both pull them off well. I have always had a paranoia about wearing tight white jeans, but maybe I'll try it some day soon.