Wednesday, July 4, 2007

In Norway

Oh my god, i have been dying for some peace and quiet since i arrived here in Norway. i didn't realise how addicted to the Internet i was until now, its kinda become a drug. Well anyways i am currently in Bergen Norway which is a fairly relaxed city, people are friendly, easy going and very active. I have been doing some shopping, going to all the touristy sort of places and eating eating and eating (i know i know i am going to get fat, but its the holidays).

Hopefully i will be able to post from here, but the Internet is always in use by someone.

Anyways as you all know colored jeans are making a come back, but i have noticed many girls on the streets wearing white jeans and it's kinda refreshing from the traditional blue jeans. In Australia you don't really see many people wearing white jeans because:

a) Stains in any color show up in an instant and in hotter weather white can be ruined quicker.

b) You have to take extra care to keep white jeans looking newer for longer.

c) Disguising what style or color underwear your wearing can be a problem in light colored jeans.

d) Lets face it, white clothing can be cruel. It shows off every curve and makes you look wider than you are.

BUT two British celebs don't seem to care. Prince Williams ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham flaunt their thin-pins in tight white skinny jeans, and they both pull them off well. I have always had a paranoia about wearing tight white jeans, but maybe I'll try it some day soon.

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georgia said...

i think white jeans look real classy, but i am always paranoid if i get a stain. victoria beckham wears them well.