Sunday, July 29, 2007

Latex leggings and waxed jeans

With the whole patent look successfully making it's way down the runways to main stream public, it's no surprise that waxed jeans and latex leggings are on the rise.

It's apart of the whole tough girl look that's been evident on the runway's for the fall season which include black, leather and patent styles. High gloss adds an 80's touch, however shine may attract attention to those bits and pieces of the body that may be in less than perfect shape. For those who don't like the out-there look try waxed jeans.
I'm trying to find myself a pair to see if it works well in reality or at least on my body, but it's been harder to find than i thought. When i find an (affordable) pair I'll do a post on it.


Linda said...

i love the look of latex leggings on the runway but im not too sure about them on us mere mortals.

im afraid that were going to have a major 80s invasion and then when it all settles down, we will have a wardrobe full of trendy ugly 80s inspired clothes.

however i really do like the jeans kate moss, paris hilton and victoria beckham are wearing. any idea who makes them?

Miss EsTher said...

I love extra skiny jeans.. totally FAB!!!

Jennifer said...

I want a pair of latex leggings!

Candid Cool said...

Man I'm waiting to try on some pairs of waxed jeans. But Urban Outfitters has a version for fall.

WendyB said...

Check out Agathe rocking the latex look on Stylebytes:

Addictd2Fashn said...

These are really for the fashion savvy. Please don't ruin the look or make it look cheap!