Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Relationship Status Necklaces

Remember those tacky t-shirts a few years back that had messages printed on them such as 'my face is up here', 'thats hot', 'man-teaser' 'too hot to handle' etc....well thanks to the likes of Paris Hilton a new form of tacky has emerged.

These new necklaces that say 'Available or Taken' come across as very juvenile to me. I don't like the fact that anyone would feel comfortable wearing their marital status around their neck in such an attention seeking way. While the Available necklaces make the wearer seem very desperate to be in a relationship.

Kelly Osborne was seen wearing a 'taken' necklace even though she has only been dating her new man for two months, but this necklace is nothing c ompared to the fact that she has already moved in with the guy. While Paris Hilton on the other hand, is probarbly wearing this necklaces as apart of the 'cute girl image' she tries to portray.

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georgia said...

i remember those t-shirts and i am guilty of wearing them, i was 14 i thought they were cool, but looking back there just plain tacky, like those necklaces. Then again i wouldn't really get style advise from Kelly Osborne, whats up with her hair.