Thursday, July 5, 2007

Runway to Real Way - Neon Brights

When looking at all the neon colors popping up on the runway one after the other it may have been hard to contemplate the look being easily adaptable for wear-ability. However, many celebrities including Chloe Sevigny and China Chow added knock-out colors to their outfits with neon colors. Its a great look night time when everyone else opts for black, neon is the best way to stand out.


Seraphine said...

I love all of those, except for the one in the bottom middle photo, who looks as if she is desperately struggling to get out of an ill-fitted sweater.

ingrid said...

i really love the neon look, but i like one block color as opposed to neon on neon. i also think the middle picture in the bottom row is weird, but the jil sander one next to it manages to be so beautiful even with such a bright color.