Friday, August 31, 2007

Keeping it chic in black

Hot summer days usually call for cheery bright colours and stand out prints, but many celebs have reverted away from big bold colours and stayed to true to classic black.

Kirsten Dunst was seen in as well as in Hollywood wearing a similar look made up of top to toe black, that could be due to the Parisian love of black or a reflection of her mood because it seems she has no one to go shopping with these days.

Miss Fergie, who has had three consecutive number one hits has also been seen transforming into a woman with a much more grown up style, and she's pulling off the whole black top-to-toe look really well.

Bid on Britney's Fried Chicken Versace Gown

During an the OK magazine photo shoot, Britney Spears had a severe breakdown a couple of months back in which a ton of clothing and accessories went missing. On this particular day Britney also smeared fried chicken over a brand new Spring 2007 Versace Gown.

As bazaar as it sounds, this chicken stained dress is being Auctioned on Ebay by Ok magazine as we speak.

All proceeds go towards the charity Mothers Against Drink Driving, so if your a Britney fan, fried chicken fan or a want to help towards a worthy cause you can bid on the dress which started at US $1500.

Latex is taking over the world!

Leggings have been a big hit for the last couple of months, then the runways introduced colored leggings, then metallics and now latex and the high street is bringing them to the masses!

But Latex is making it big. From Kate Moss at the Glastonbury festival to Hilary Duff preforming live and now Claudia Schiffer is rocking latex leggings in Russian Elle Magazine. The look is quiet cool, but the over-exposure of the look may deem it too tacky too soon.


For many season's now major designer's runways saw our eyes being drawn to the interestingly kooky footwear. From Balenciaga's robot like shoes to Dries Van Noten stacked heel sneakers. So Fall's footwear seems slightly more conservative in comparison.

Boots were obviously a major feature on the catwalks and the designs and styles reflected a lot of the trends we'll be seeing in the up and coming season.
Alexander McQueen and Chloe boots showed off a rock chick almost aggressive look which reflects the dark tough looks of fall. However, these boots reflect the current period in fashion and very trend based.

While Gucci went for a much more classic and lady like look with the raised sole, which can be a staple for many years to come.
As for Jean Paul Gaultier, he brought metallics to the mix, however the cow-boy theme is so 2003...don't you think?

Victoria Beckham: Men's Wear Style

Victoria, chic in a Vest, black slacks and a fedora. Just awesome.

Hayden Panettiere and her cape!

Hayden Panettiere looked like quiet the superhero earlier this week, wearing what appears to be a white cape inspired by our favourite childhood hero's and matching white Ray-Ban Wayfarer's. I don't really like this look but points for originality!

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty back together

These two are such a mess! They can't live together but they can't live without each other...

Miss Teen South Carolina Parent's in Audience

This is a video of Miss Tenn Carolina's parent's in the audience while she gave her infamous answer!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trend: Dress' over Tank tops

I am really loving this look that Kate Bosworth was sporting yesterday. She wore a strapless blue heart neck dress with a white tank. Its a great way to dress down what could be really formal dress.

Victoria Beckham was seen wearing this style last season as well in a cream Miu Miu dress. I really like the way Kate Bosworth wore it, it's a style to try out for the upcoming Australian summer!

Favourites from: Roberto Cavalli Fall 2007

Roberto Cavalli is one of those designers you either love or hate, his designs are not for the shy and usually consist of high glamor, high shine and low necklines.

I'm one of those people that actually really likes Roberto Cavalli's designs, and this season was no exception.

Here are four of my favourite designs:

1) The first suit is just magnificent, i love how it flares out at the waist, while the leg remains narrow whilst the black has a lovely sheen to it....and that hat makes it look ever so cool.

2) I love this dress, it's absolutely stunning on the model and it shows of her figure in a very womanly way. But I'm afraid that this sort of material will show off a lot more of your lumps and bumps if your not stick thin and 6 foot tall...still a lovely design and color.

3) The third dress is something i would definitely wear if i was rich and had a glamorous party to attend were all the paparazzi had their eyes on me (i wish)...but it reminds me of Beyonce for some reason...

4) I think those long sleeve gloves are really classy in the last picture. They remind me of 50's elegance and that dress is probably the most practical outfit for work for any stylish business women.

Venice film festival: Keira Knightley plus Chanel

Keira knightley attended the start of the Venice Film festival today in a dress from the Chanel Resort Collection. As the face of Chanel's new fragrance, Chanel Mademoiselle, Keira looked nothing less than spectacular in this simply classic Chanel Resort Collection dress.

Gorgeous girl in a Chanel dress. Enough said.

Victoria Beckham wearing Flip flops

And you thought you would never see the day..Victoria was seen doing her groceries in what appears to be flip flops (and very toned arms). It's nothing revolutionary seeing that most people wear flip flops on a daily basis during summer, but when you proclaim on your reality T.V show that you'll never be caught dead in flat footwear, then your kinda busted!

She was also seen wearing flip flops on a family day out at the beach...but this is far more sensible than wearing stilettos in the sand...could you imagine how uncomfortable that would be? or pathetic for that matter!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Me and my Gucci shades!

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Thanks to a comment from WendyB from Wendy Brandes Jewelry, i decided to post a few pics of me in my new Gucci 2591 s shades. Not the most flattering pictures after a long day of university but they will do...

I'm quiet obsessed with sunglasses, i don't know what it is but i think they can really transform just a simple outfit, cover up the imperfections of a late night and I'm amused by how one particular style of shades can look completely different on two different people i.e Me and Victoria Beckham!

Ex-Atomic Kitten, Natasha Hamilton's boots!

OK you might consider me tacky for this one, but i am really loving Ex-Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton's over the knee boots! I don't just love them, i actually think their fabulous!!

This style was made famous by Stella McCartney on the 2005 catwalks, but the look was apparently killed by the likes of Pamela Anderson who was seen wearing Stella McCartney's design.

But i think Natasha who was performing at Manchester Pride really rocked these black leather boots by pairing them with a brown and white mini dress, without flashing too much skin. And the tie up bow fronts on the boots are just adorable!

Kylie Minogue and High Waist Jeans??

High waist jeans are probably one of the hardest looks to pull off this season. You have to make sure you get the right color, right style for your shape, right waist rise length whilst avoiding the dreaded camel toe!!

Kylie Minogue is known for her sexy little body, but i don't think she's really rocking these jeans too well. I think it may have looked better in a darker shade, a narrower leg and perhaps a less fussy top?

I think it may have looked more modern that way as opposed to actually looking like it came out of your mum's closet, but i love Kylie so I'm going to stop there...

Jessica Simpson's style back on track

Rewind a couple of years back and you'll remeber Jessica Simpson being an "it girl" with a much copied style, a love for designer and glamour, glamour, glamour!

Fast forward a bit, and you've got a newly divorced Jessica trying her luck with John Mayer and a new look. A look that didn't really work for her...either tooo casual or trying to hard, it was just all over the place!

Fast forward just a bit more, and now we have a newly single Jessica Simpson, who's style is coming back on track. Showing off a great figure, in simple yet stylish outfits, hopefully the Jessica we all loved will make a comeback!

Go the Aussies!!!

Natalie Imbruglia and Daniel Johns are two Aussies I'm very proud of! There talented, don't exploit their relationship everywhere and have fantastic style!

I love they're looks in these photos taken in London this week, Natalie is looking alot more rock chick than usual and i love her hairstyle!

Daniel Johns has come along way from his long greasy hair days and is a true style marven...and is it just me or are they both wearing matching sunglasses?...very cute!

Paris Hilton without extensions!

A lot of people are liking Paris Hilton without long blonde extensions in her hair, but i don't know if I'm really liking her new look. I'm so used to Paris being the little Blonde Hollywood Barbie Doll, that this extra short do isn't appealing to me.

It makes her look a lot older and more mature which is perhaps what she's going for...what do you think of Paris' new hair, love it or hate it?

A-List Parties and Flat Footwear

This summer the ladies behind our favourite fashion magazines, models and high profile celebrities all took it upon themselves to start a new trend of wearing flats of all sorts to the many A-List parties!

From T-bar sandals to peep-toe flats, famous feet took a break from sky-high pumps and lavished in the night long abundance of comfort.

Flats can be glammed up with metallic hues or toned down to really bring attention towards a beautiful frock.

Kirsten Dunst Shopping in Saint-Germain, Paris

I'm not a big fan of Kirsten Dunst but i really do like this outfit she was seen wearing on a shopping spree in Saint-Germain, Paris.

Keeping to true Parisian style, Kirsten wore a complete black and white ensemble while still maintaining her own sense of style. Wearing a printed Chanel baby doll dress, a classic Chanel handbag and ballet flats, Kirsten was low Key in a very high fashion kinda way.

Kiera Knightley at Venice Film Festival

Keira Knightley is one gorgeous girl, ever since i watched Pride and Prejudice i fell in love with her classic beauty. So most of the time what ever she wears comes across as great in my eyes, and this outfit is no exception.

Keira Knightley was seen out and about in Venice, wearing a 60's style boat neck shirt, this seasons must have high-waist pants, Ray-ban Wayfarer shades, Chanel handbag and accessorized with an Egyptian style necklace and a turquoise cocktail ring.

Kiera really knows her trends and look ever so cute smiling cheekily for the cameras!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Purchase: Gucci 2591s Sunglasses :)

Went shopping today and came across a pair of Gucci 2591s sunglasses that i have been craving for a while now, ever since i saw Victoria Beckham (suprise suprise) looking stunningly elegant in them, but couldn't buy them because i already have two pairs of designer shades, so justifying another wasn't going to work.

BUT BUT BUT this week Macquarie Eye Centre in Sydney are having a 20-50% off sale on all last season sunglasses, so i grabbed these beauties for $190! They are Authentic and come with a one year just goes to show that i was meant to have these sunglasses and on my budget!!

I thought they were going to look crap on me, but they actually look a lot better than i thought they were going to.

So I'm very content for now :)

Lindsay Lohan Zoo Magazine photoshoot!

No matter how much of an alcoholic druggo Lindsay Lohan is, she still manages to be HOT! I'm loving this photo shoot she's done for Zoo magazine. I'm loving the second photo with that beautiful peach colored cardigan and over-the-knee metallic silver boots. The structured back on the dress in the third photo is very cool too.

And it's nice to see Lindsay holding a glass of milk rather than the other beverages she's known for having...

Mischa Barton at Mercedes Benz Polo Event

I don't know what to make of Mischa Barton's Mercedes Benz Polo Event outfit. She wore a tan colored 60's swing style leather jacket with a yellow printed dress and brown braided bag. She kept it young, fresh and this is original 'Mischa Barton' style.

BUT there's just something frumpy about this look, perhaps it's loose cut or maybe she should have traded in the miu miu ballet flats for something a little dressier like wedges? I don't know...i like the outfit but there is something that is turning me off it..

Lucy Lui filming Cashmere Mafia

Lucy Liu was filming her new movie Cashmere Mafia today in one of the most original outfits i have seen in a while.

She plays a successful working women and looked ravishing in a crisp white top, black waist belt and a leopard printed wrap skirt. The leopard print was contrasted dramatically with splashes of colored flowers around the border, which made the leopard look tame indeed. Oh but the stylists certainly didn't forget to put her in a pair of knock-out Christian Louboutins.

This a great example of how a work wardrobe can be spruced up with color and print but still look professional!


Victoria Beckham's book, that 'Extra Half an Inch' of course!, i know the book's been out for a while but i have always been intrigued to find out what Posh thinks about every time she opens up her wardrobe and makes her daily fashion choices-may they be hits or misses.

To tell you the truth i thought this book was going to be extremely pretentious, self-centred and well kinda bimbo-ee, but it is actually sounding really good so far, there are some pretty useful tips, tells us her favourite fashion spots (other than designer boutiques) and includes some lovely pictures.

It seems to be well worth the read...i know i know I'm quiet the Victoria Beckham fan at the moment and with my all time favourite childhood band reuniting it makes it all the more merrier!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Jessica Alba is casually cool

Jessica Alba is proof that it helps to be hot. As she strolled around Venice with her family, Jessica opted to wear a casual outfit of dark skinny jeans, white V-neck top, ballet flats, 80's style sunglasses and a black bag.

She makes a simple outfit look so good and the reason i posted this is because I'm quiet jealous that i lack this ability...that is all...

Stella McCartney Dress: Who Wore it Better?

Super-Supermodel Kate Moss and style queen Victoria Beckham were both seen this season wearing a Stella McCartney Vest Dress.

Posh wore this black sequined tank dress as a long top paired with 3/4 grey skinny jeans and sky-high lace-up shoe booties.

While Kate Moss wore it with black tights, black ballet flats and dark eye make-up.

Both kept the colors to a minimum, but the styles are very different, so who wore it best, Kate Moss or Posh?

Mary Kate Olsen has some pretty wacky style!

Umm ok i love the Olsen twins, but i am really hating this outfit Mary-Kate Olsen wore a few nights ago. I really don't know what look she's going for, but it's kinda creepy..okay really creepy!

Mary-Kate wore a grey off the shoulder top, a colorful scarf, black tights, black peep-toe shoes...doesn't sound too bad does it? But she decided to accessorize with a bloody TOP HAT, a stain on her knee and the world's freakiest smile!!!

I really hope Top Hats don't become a trend...for women at least...

Angelina Jolie's family day out!

Angelina Jolie and her kids spent a fun day hanging out at New York's Central Park today. Angelina wore a simple white tank, grey pencil skirt, nude ballet flats, D&G 6006B sunglasses and a white Valentino Braided leather shoulder bag.

I just don't know how she manages to look so sexy in such a simple outfit! It's probably because she is sexy!!! Anyways Angelina doesn't seem to be the only style icon in the family, with Maddox sporting some super cool star-shaped shades (in blue of course!)

Oh and the last picture is so cute of Maddox hugging Pax...ohhh one happy family :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Awkward picture of the week

Probarbly a very innocent situation but comes across very awkward. Just a picuture taken at Paris Hilton's beach house party, this photo really speaks for itself.

Chloe Sevigny at the Big Love premier

Chloe Sevigny is just unbeatable when it comes to the style stakes. She manages to look scruffy and street one minute and sophisticated and classy the next without any hesitation in-between!

I am really loving this combo she put together at the Big Love premier. Wearing a bright orange mini dress she accessorized her look with a baby pink crocodile print clutch and satin T-bar shoes in a different shade of pink. Chloe brings all things unexected and makes them work.
She added some charm with a pearl and gold bracelet, divine little heart earrings and a lovely smile :)

Valentino's 45 year anniversary as designer

Valentino's 45 year anniversary as a designer, saw the likes of lavish celebrations and stylish celebrities. These celebrities included the likes of ex-supermodel Elle McPherson. At a party that is completely revolving around a man who is known for his feminine and sexy approach to design i don't seem to think Elle McPherson exuded much of these qualities herself on that particular night.

I'm really not a fan of the outfit at all. Dressed in complete black from head-to-toe, Elle wore an off the shoulder, flesh baring number. It may be vintage but it looks more old fashioned, and don't even get me started on the hair. Lets just be thankful that her bodies still rocking in her 40's!

Fergie's High-Waisted purple pants!

Fergie this week was rocking some seriously cool high waisted purple jeans with a low-rise belt. As you can tell, I'm quiet the fan of this look, it's different, it's bang on with the colored jean's trend of the season and's Fergie.

She teamed her pants with a black t-shirt, patent black belt, Chloe Mytre sunglasses and peep-toe Louboutins for a more "glamorous glamorous" Fergie!

Rising model Agyness Dean past and present

Looking back at photo's of rising British modelling sensation, Agyness Dean wasn't even close to model material. She was the ordinary girl next door, previously known as Laura Hollins, who had a part time at a 'Fish and Chips shop', but now Agyness is taking the modelling world by storm with a mannequin-like crop and angular features.

Who would have thought Agyness would be destined for stardom? i suppose it's fate really...

Britney Spears looking good

These are the types of photo's that the paparrazzi don't want you to see of Britney. Britney looking fitter than usual and wearing a nice baby blue dress and flip flops. With he hair actually growing back nicely. Oh but i'm sure they'll dind something to write about Britney from this photo including "Britney's new drug addiction leads her to the toilet"!! or wateva!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who wore it best?

Fashion model turned fashion designer Milla Jovovich was seen in a dress from her own label Jovovich Hawk. This evening dress was casually dressed down by Milla with a pair of faded jeans, boots and ragged hair for effortless cool.

While Victoria Beckham wore the same dress but opted for a more polished look with black sunglasses, a black bag, black stockings, black nails and black boots.

Who do you think wore it best?

That's a load of Croc!

Crocs are the types of shoes people either love for their comfort or hate for their style. I personally am not a big fan of Crocs but these shoes look adorable on little kids including Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter, Violet and Sarah Jessica Parker's son James Wilkes.

HOWEVER these look hilarious on U.S president George W.Bush. Although he opted for a more "grown up" black pair, he decided to pair them with socks embroidered with the presidential seal!!! I would love to see him make a speech in these clown shoes, it would be quiet hilarious.

Color Alert: Sea Green

A very fresh color to take the centre stange this summer is Sea Green. First seen on Victoria Beckham at the Chanel Cruise show this color has re-emerged with the likes of young heart throb Zac Efron wearing a very cool colored tank around town and Cameron Diaz in a sea green strapless top.

Kate Moss and her Longchamp bag

Legendary model Kate Moss was the face of the sexy Spring/Summer 07 Longchamp handbag campaign and while working with Longchamp Kate Moss' fell in love with the bag she was modelling so much that she decided to suggest a way to spruce up the design a little.

Now what we have is a bag that Kate Moss modelled and re-modelled known as the Longchamp 'Legend' (how appropriate) bag. She helped the design by changing it from brown to black and matte to patent.

The result? A very Kate Moss' bag indeed with contrast red lining, zipper compartments, a handle just perfect to wear on the arm and large enough for all your days needs in a very Kate Moss' rock star manner.

The LBD gone sequin Crazy!

The classic Little Black Dress, has gone sequin crazy as of late and it's a great thing! Designers such as Chanel and Oscar De La Renta have added shimmer and shine to an otherwise simple dress.

Sequines make these short summer-night dress' a lot more glamorous, and are definitely grabbing fans across Hollywood from the likes of celebrity off-spring Rumer Willis to regular rehab visitor Lindsay Lohan!

Rihanna's Kayne West Party outfit!

Hmm, this is the outfit Rhianna chose to wear on the weekend to attend a party hosted by Kayne West. But I'm really not feeling this outfit at all, there's something a little off about it and i don't know what it is.

All the pieces are great, but together they look a bit much. Perhaps it's too many trends in one, like the paper-boy hat, grey vest, high-waisted pants, animal print belt? That makes it hard to focus on one key item.

It's probarbly just me, but i'm really not a fan of this outfit or the WIG.

Color Match From Head to Toe

Rising style-icon Hayden Panettiere and Style-Veteran Nicole Richie demonstrate the old fashioned way of matching from head-to-toe.

Hayden was seen on her 18th birthday wearing a head-to-toe ensemble in knock-out red including her fire engine red sunglasses. While Nicole Richie was seen shopping in classic black assessoried with a classic Chanel bag.

This look is effortless yet produces dramatic results and both Hayden and Nicole work it, so remember just what nanna told you..."matching is key!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nicole Richie in Tom Ford Anouk

If you're going to follow someones lead when it comes to choosing the most fashion forward sunglasses, look no furthur than Nicole Richie. Miss Richie is crazy crazy crazy about her sunglasses, and has recently chosen to wear the gorgeous Tom Ford Anouk TF 57 sunglasses.

The cat eye look will definitely make a comeback over the next few years thanks to this fabulous creation by Tom Ford and with celebs like Nicole Richie wearing them they are sure to sell out fast, so snap them up while you can...they are worth every penny.

Anyways if you like them, you can buy them online at eLuxury for $300 or Bloomingdales.

How to PIMP your own Celebrity Brand - Part One

How to pimp your Celebrity brand Victoria Beckham Style

Step one

Make sure your seen in your brand at every photo opportunity that arises from walking around the street randomly, to going shopping with your hubby, to arriving at the airport to filming your reality T.V show.

Step two

If this is not enough to steer people in, force your new celebrity BFF such as Jennifer Lopez to wear them even though she looks really awkward in them or claim that you will stand next to her in every photo just to make her look fat.

Step Three

Make your husband wear them and if he doesn't, withhold sex for at least 6 months.

Step Four

Don't succumb to Top shop and H&M prices when you can put a $250 designer price tag on it to secure a spot in the 'high quality, exclusive market".

Just kidding y'all, i love Mrs Beckham, this is not about bagging her out, because personally her sunglasses are great BUT there's no denying she's one strategic business women.

Angelina Loves her Dolce and Gabanna Sunglass'

Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the world most stylish and beautiful women, but one thing she isn't is a fashion victim.

This can be seen in her ability to stick to her own personal style, without a stylist and wear a pair of signature designer sunnies all summer long, without having the need for a whole wardrobe's worth unlike Hollywood's young starlet's like Lindsay Lohan.

I'm really loving her Dolce and Gabbana 6006B sunglasses which are oversized, black, with a subtle DG logo which are charateristics of a timeless pair of sunglasses.

If you love them, they can be purchased on otticanet with prices ranging from $211-$223 depending on the color you choose.

Paris Hilton at Kitson

Paris Hilton was at Kitson during the week with fans to help raise funds for charity, with 20% of proceedings going to her current favourite children's charity.

I can't help but admire how sweet Paris has been looking of late. She looked very glamourous with her oversized sunglasses, super-long blonde extensions and GET THIS> she was wearing a dress from her own collection, and i must say i really like it. The length, the color and the coin-like effect it presents.

All in all, it still looks like she has alot of fans with a massive crowd swooning around her as soon as she exited her car!

Kate Middleton style

I don't get it, why does Prince William's on-off girlfriend feel the need to dress like a middle-aged mother? I know this girl can dress well, but she always seem to turn to very conservative clothing once in a while which aren't flattering and look as if though they were simply worn to impress the old folks up in the Buckingham.

well this outfit, i personally don't like of hers, the cardigan...the color of the dress and that grumpy face ain't working for me.

Katie Price AKA Jordan's "Stunning" Perfume

Just a week after revile Victoria Beckham launched her Intimately Beckham perfume with husband David Beckham in America, Katie Price AKA Jordan has launched her very own fragrance called 'Stunning'.

It's not the perfume that caught my eye this time, it was Jordan's wedding-cake dress, orange tan and blonde weave. Not to mention how tacky the perfume packaging looks, with her face plastered all over it. I don't know the whole event just looks cheap from her outfit all the way down to the writing "Stunning by Katie Price".

Katie Price believes that the perfume that took 9 months to make only needs "one spray and you'll be stunning", ladies you won't smell good but miraculously by the power of Jordon you'll be stunning.

Cool T-shirts

The Ugly Betty DVD Launch Party, showcased some pretty interesting outfits from the stars. What i really loved though was the cool t-shirts the guys were rocking such as Christopher Gorman's David Bowie tee and a really cool retro tee featuring sunglasses galore was worn by one of the young star of the show, Mark Indelicato.

While Third Rock From the Sun star, Joseph Gordon Levitt brought back childhood memories in a 'Rock, Paper, Scissor's' tee. Heaps of retro inspired shirts can be found at many department stores while online stores and Ebay have ones that may be a bit more original.

Celebs in Latex Leggings

Latex leggings are one of those clothing items that you would skip at first glance and never think much about it again, UNTIL you see Kate Moss rocking her version at the Glastonbury Festival, then it's sure to become a trend with the mass'.

Since then Victoria Beckham, Hilary Duff and Juliette Lewis were all seen wearing this hard to pull off look. While Kate Moss opted for a looser-high gloss version, Hilary Duff, Ashley Olsen and Posh wore it skin tight, as for Juliette Lewis she just went crazy with the trend...tight, glossy and bright red!!

Haven't seen latex leggings in stores, but i'm sure they will pop up on Ebay or American apparel anytime soon.