Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs

OK, the more and more i see 12 year old Dakota Fanning popping out from Vogue magazines and the likes to promote Marc Jacobs latest campaign, the more and more freaked out i get.

Lets just step back and figure out what's going on. Dakota fanning is a 12 year old actress, known for her many CHILDREN'S films such as Babe and Charlotte's Web. This girl probably hasn't even hit puberty, yet she is modelling clothes that are meant to appeal to the professional middle aged women and young Hollywood.

I really don't know what's going on here. Is Marc Jacobs trying to start a whole new of promotional thinking or is he just trying to attract more attention to his label with this unconventional move? Either way it creeps me out.


kristy said...

i find her annoying as it is, and then marc jacobs places her as a model in custom made clothes is even more annoying. I am turned off marc jacobs completely this season.

the muse said...

i know! how many 12 year olds can afford marc? and then the older crowd...who wants to dress like a 12 years old?