Sunday, August 19, 2007

David Beckham enjoys a day with Harlem Kids.

This week David Beckham spent the day playing football with under privileged kids from the Harlem Soccer Clinic. This was such a nice way to use his celebrity status to put a smile on a few kids faces.

Although this was a charitable event, i cannot help but laugh at this picture of David Beckham which makes him look mean because it seems like he's laughing his head off at a little boy that's fallen over.

Anyways he's just adorable :)


kristy said...

hes so hot, i don't know what he's doing with victoria beckham anyways, he should get a nice girl like katie holmes. oh maybe those two copule should swap partners. two beautiful people together, katie and david and two aliens together, tom and victoria excellent!!

elena said...

hes so cute...will you marry me david?