Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ex-Atomic Kitten, Natasha Hamilton's boots!

OK you might consider me tacky for this one, but i am really loving Ex-Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton's over the knee boots! I don't just love them, i actually think their fabulous!!

This style was made famous by Stella McCartney on the 2005 catwalks, but the look was apparently killed by the likes of Pamela Anderson who was seen wearing Stella McCartney's design.

But i think Natasha who was performing at Manchester Pride really rocked these black leather boots by pairing them with a brown and white mini dress, without flashing too much skin. And the tie up bow fronts on the boots are just adorable!


ingrid said...

Those boots are actually really nice! Any style that stella McCartney comes up with is always beautiful and it is copied by many department stores, and these boots are no exception. Natasha doesn't make them look skanky!!

As for the original stella McCartney boots, i can imagine them loosing their appeal once Pamela Anderson decided to put them on her dirty little body

Anonymous said...

I agree with you both. I think that the over knee boots are absolutely amazing too. I think this year's season will be great for these, especially worn over a pair of skinny fit jeans. My friend and myself can't wait to go out and blow our hard earned cash on a pair each, but them on and wait for that beautiful feeling/buzz you get when shoe shopping! It's THE must have look of the season. I hope all you ladies follow suit on the wonderful look.