Thursday, August 30, 2007

Favourites from: Roberto Cavalli Fall 2007

Roberto Cavalli is one of those designers you either love or hate, his designs are not for the shy and usually consist of high glamor, high shine and low necklines.

I'm one of those people that actually really likes Roberto Cavalli's designs, and this season was no exception.

Here are four of my favourite designs:

1) The first suit is just magnificent, i love how it flares out at the waist, while the leg remains narrow whilst the black has a lovely sheen to it....and that hat makes it look ever so cool.

2) I love this dress, it's absolutely stunning on the model and it shows of her figure in a very womanly way. But I'm afraid that this sort of material will show off a lot more of your lumps and bumps if your not stick thin and 6 foot tall...still a lovely design and color.

3) The third dress is something i would definitely wear if i was rich and had a glamorous party to attend were all the paparazzi had their eyes on me (i wish)...but it reminds me of Beyonce for some reason...

4) I think those long sleeve gloves are really classy in the last picture. They remind me of 50's elegance and that dress is probably the most practical outfit for work for any stylish business women.

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Seraphine said...

I'm partial to black. I'd wear anything of his in black.