Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hair Trend- Bangs

OK we know designers have a tendency to go crazy with hair-do's on the catwalk (Alexander McQueen and Galliano come to mind), which makes it harder to copy new hairstyles of the catwalk as opposed to new fashion trends.

However one wearable this season is bangs. This style wasn't exactly inspired by the catwalk this season, but rather by the models who parade down them, including Norwegian model Iselin Steiro and Irina Lazareanu.
This look always comes back onto the runway for its sharpness and perfection, however models like to wear it a bit shaggered and more rock-starish which is perfect for everyday.


miranda said...

Fringes are annoying, they always look great on models after they have been with a hair stylist for three hours before walking down the runway, but in real life they look really childish and are not very sexy and are annoying to maintain.

Even when i say this, every year i see a picture that makes me want to get bangs and every year i do's a strange/love hate relationship i suppose. either way i love the bangs on the model in the last picture.

sara said...

i like bangs, but i hate when girls get it done and constantly you see them pushing or blowing it out of their face. I think it works best on the runway though