Monday, August 20, 2007

Hayden Panettiere's outfit

Wow i'm really not feeling 17 year old Hayden Panettiere's outfit in these photos. The Heroe's star, was out shopping this week in a powder blue dress that draped loosely over her body, which was more comfotable than flattering.

She teamed them with nice white accessories such as peep-toe shoes and bag...BUT don't even get me started on her sunglasses! WTF were did she get them. I get the fact that 80's inspired sunglasses are so hip now, these white frames with orange mirrored lenses look like something you would find at my local $2 shop or at a dress up party.

I think she's trying to be sophisticated and funky at the same time, but i'm just not digging it.


Jennifer said...

She looks great for once, the sunglasses make the outfit normally she looks so bla ;)

maria said...

hate it, look like she raided nanna wardbrobe. Are you joking jennifer, those sunglasses are cheap and hideous...don't go with the look at all