Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to PIMP your own Celebrity Brand - Part One

How to pimp your Celebrity brand Victoria Beckham Style

Step one

Make sure your seen in your brand at every photo opportunity that arises from walking around the street randomly, to going shopping with your hubby, to arriving at the airport to filming your reality T.V show.

Step two

If this is not enough to steer people in, force your new celebrity BFF such as Jennifer Lopez to wear them even though she looks really awkward in them or claim that you will stand next to her in every photo just to make her look fat.

Step Three

Make your husband wear them and if he doesn't, withhold sex for at least 6 months.

Step Four

Don't succumb to Top shop and H&M prices when you can put a $250 designer price tag on it to secure a spot in the 'high quality, exclusive market".

Just kidding y'all, i love Mrs Beckham, this is not about bagging her out, because personally her sunglasses are great BUT there's no denying she's one strategic business women.


barbz said...

hahaha so funny yet so true. But i really do love DVB sunglasses because there is a variety from glamorous to sexy to cool. I really want a pair but i can't find them online.

Do you know were i can get them from?

greer said...

very funny indeed, but i feel a bit guilty mocking her because secretly i really like her style and her sunglass brand.

Candid Cool said...

I don't care what any one says but Vic's got my vote. And I'm crazy about her in the 6th shot! And David's shades are cool too.