Friday, August 17, 2007

Is Britney Spears a style Icon?

This week actress Mena Suvari was spotted on the beach, not looking quiet as feminine as usual, sporting a brand new shoven head. When i first saw this i thought, "dear god has britney spears started a whole new trend for women???", but no Mena Suvari is still mentally stable and has shaved her head for her character in an upcoming film. Thank god for that!!

Although she has shaved her head for a movie role, i cant help but feel she's lost alot of her feminity and that crochet bikini and bold head are just not mean't to be seen together.

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stilettostetico said...

She's less sexy than Nathalie Portman with this look . . .BUT that's would be insulting towards the pretty "micro-pinupesque" Mena Suvari to comparate her to the "neo-Trash Icon" Britney Spears . . .

Cordially, Antoine.