Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jessica Simpson's style back on track

Rewind a couple of years back and you'll remeber Jessica Simpson being an "it girl" with a much copied style, a love for designer and glamour, glamour, glamour!

Fast forward a bit, and you've got a newly divorced Jessica trying her luck with John Mayer and a new look. A look that didn't really work for her...either tooo casual or trying to hard, it was just all over the place!

Fast forward just a bit more, and now we have a newly single Jessica Simpson, who's style is coming back on track. Showing off a great figure, in simple yet stylish outfits, hopefully the Jessica we all loved will make a comeback!


lauren said...

I love Jessica, she used to be so in and then along came paris and nicole, then the O.C clan then Lindsay and she just vanished from the style raider. I really want her to make a full comeback-fashion wise, career wise and relationship wise...she seems like a nice enough girl

Anonymous said...

So she wears a tank top and jeans and her style is back on track? I don't think so. Let's see her actually do something besides DVD movies.

ingrid said...

Anonymous, style doesn't have to look like your trying to hard, the most simple outfits do work whether that may be a tank top and jeans!!

it really works for her and she is looking better, and as for DVD movies...well, were not really talking about that now are we