Monday, August 20, 2007

Juliette Lewis in red Latex pants

Hmmm, the V Festival held in England this week brought with it many creative and out-there outfits...some good, some not so good. But there's one outfit that i don't know whether i like or hate.

Celeb Juliette Lewis, decided to let loose and wear a hot new trend-Latex leggings. But I'm not sure if I'm into Bright red Latex. She teamed the pants with a black vest, headband and ankle boots. Perhaps it just looks a little crazy due to the fact that she's standing next a surprisingly refined and polished looking Kelly Osborne in all black.

I don't think I'll be wearing red latex leggings anytime soon, but props to Juliette for trying something new.


lisa said...

i like the fact that she tried and did something risky but i really don't like those pants at all! too shiny, too clingy, too bright and too cheap looking.

lauren said...

wow her pants look like some sort of lolly, its so weird. i don't like them but she obviously does by the big smile on her face.

Lauren said...

she looks amazing and i'm surprised by how boring kelly looks standing next to her