Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kate Moss and her Longchamp bag

Legendary model Kate Moss was the face of the sexy Spring/Summer 07 Longchamp handbag campaign and while working with Longchamp Kate Moss' fell in love with the bag she was modelling so much that she decided to suggest a way to spruce up the design a little.

Now what we have is a bag that Kate Moss modelled and re-modelled known as the Longchamp 'Legend' (how appropriate) bag. She helped the design by changing it from brown to black and matte to patent.

The result? A very Kate Moss' bag indeed with contrast red lining, zipper compartments, a handle just perfect to wear on the arm and large enough for all your days needs in a very Kate Moss' rock star manner.


Candid Cool said...

It sure is a nice bag, the fall ads are gorgeous

Emily said...

I really can't get my head around kate moss. I personally don't think she is a very attractive person, i see alot better walking down the street on a daily basis BUT when i look at all her campaign photo's she transforms into this amazingly sexy creature. Her ads are always gorgeous and then i see candids of her and she looks like hell. Well at least she's good at her job right? and that is an amazing bag, it's very now!