Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Katie Holmes and Wide leg pants

Katie Holmes seems to be one of the only celebrities embracing the wide leg pant in Hollywood. Seen on many catwalks for fall, the wide leg pant is the stark opposite of the skinny leg many of us have been wearing on a daily occasion.

Perhaps the reason many aren't embracing it is because it doesn't give the same amount of attitude and sexiness as the skinny leg, but is rather a more sophisticated grown up style best suited for the work place.

However, the look does work for both a laid-back casual look like Katie Holmes or a refined polished style.

The good thing for short people (like myself) is that wide legs + heels = drastically longer legs!!


renee said...

finally your back!!!you didn't even tell us how long you were going to be gone for? at least your back now. Anyways i just love Katie Holmes, i think she is one of the most beautiful natural beauties in Hollywood.

I really like her look in the last picture, with her and Suri both wearing matching striped tops, and the width of those pants are very flattering on her, and appropriatly comfortable for a busy mother.

lauren said...

yeah i agree, i like the pants in the last pic aswell as the second last picture. Very chic and sophisticated. However, the first pair look like there falling off her tiny hips