Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Katie Price AKA Jordan's "Stunning" Perfume

Just a week after revile Victoria Beckham launched her Intimately Beckham perfume with husband David Beckham in America, Katie Price AKA Jordan has launched her very own fragrance called 'Stunning'.

It's not the perfume that caught my eye this time, it was Jordan's wedding-cake dress, orange tan and blonde weave. Not to mention how tacky the perfume packaging looks, with her face plastered all over it. I don't know the whole event just looks cheap from her outfit all the way down to the writing "Stunning by Katie Price".

Katie Price believes that the perfume that took 9 months to make only needs "one spray and you'll be stunning", ladies you won't smell good but miraculously by the power of Jordon you'll be stunning.

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