Friday, August 31, 2007

Latex is taking over the world!

Leggings have been a big hit for the last couple of months, then the runways introduced colored leggings, then metallics and now latex and the high street is bringing them to the masses!

But Latex is making it big. From Kate Moss at the Glastonbury festival to Hilary Duff preforming live and now Claudia Schiffer is rocking latex leggings in Russian Elle Magazine. The look is quiet cool, but the over-exposure of the look may deem it too tacky too soon.


Emily said...

i agree, it everywhere. IT just a matter of time before everyone starts wearing them as with leggings, colored leggings and grey wool tights.

dayna said...

how old is claudia schiffer? she still looks so amazing, doesn't she have children? i am very envious of all these mothers getting their bodies back together, while i haven't even had a kid and i'm still stuggling lol!