Monday, August 20, 2007

Lily Allen at the V festival in England

Lily Allen performed at the V Festival in England this week. She performed wearing a two tone grey dress which i absolutely love. Made to resemble a tee and skirt ensemble the details of the dress including the pleating, the V-style cut (how appropriate for such an event) and the stud details make this dress oh so flattering...digging the fluro microphone too. Well she is known more for her unique style sense which is seen in her collaboration with New Look.

Just one question though, isn't she supposed to be heaps sick or something? Because she postponed a lot of her concert's but seems to be smiling and drinking her liver to death at the festival...just a question...

Pics of Lily Allen performing at the V festival and a few bits and pieces from her New Look range.


maria said...

i like how her clothes have got alot of spanish inspired dress and the bright colored shoes would make a black outfit just pop to life. Yeah and she is meant to be really sick (she even had a doctors certifcate)weird how she just recovered like that

estelle said...

these young celebs are so weird, they have drug and drinking problems before a career, but i guess it's "cool" to them to get all the attention.

I personally don't like her dress', BUT they are much better quality than Kate Moss' Top Shop range as it is original and the quality is magnificent.

And her V festival outfit is very flattering as it does not cling to her body too tight

Anonymous said...

yeah lily keep drinking up and kill your talent before it blossums...always the best way to start off a career isn't it? *rolls eyes*