Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Victoria Beckham's book, that 'Extra Half an Inch' of course!, i know the book's been out for a while but i have always been intrigued to find out what Posh thinks about every time she opens up her wardrobe and makes her daily fashion choices-may they be hits or misses.

To tell you the truth i thought this book was going to be extremely pretentious, self-centred and well kinda bimbo-ee, but it is actually sounding really good so far, there are some pretty useful tips, tells us her favourite fashion spots (other than designer boutiques) and includes some lovely pictures.

It seems to be well worth the read...i know i know I'm quiet the Victoria Beckham fan at the moment and with my all time favourite childhood band reuniting it makes it all the more merrier!

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renee said...

i have that book! it is very interesting and shes coming out with the same book but with a new cover. but i like my originial best!