Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mischa Barton at Mercedes Benz Polo Event

I don't know what to make of Mischa Barton's Mercedes Benz Polo Event outfit. She wore a tan colored 60's swing style leather jacket with a yellow printed dress and brown braided bag. She kept it young, fresh and this is original 'Mischa Barton' style.

BUT there's just something frumpy about this look, perhaps it's loose cut or maybe she should have traded in the miu miu ballet flats for something a little dressier like wedges? I don't know...i like the outfit but there is something that is turning me off it..


Michelle said...

hmmm not feeling this dress at all. i think its the color and cut as you said that doesn't work. but then again they are summer colors.

ambika said...

I know she's a risk taker and can give her credit for trying new things but my gosh she looks like a cross between 70s couch upholstery and 70s car upholstery. Just bad.

Anonymous said...

i think she just needed a waist belt and maybe knee high boots or something, and the dress would be cuter if it had a v neck.