Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nicole Richie in Tom Ford Anouk

If you're going to follow someones lead when it comes to choosing the most fashion forward sunglasses, look no furthur than Nicole Richie. Miss Richie is crazy crazy crazy about her sunglasses, and has recently chosen to wear the gorgeous Tom Ford Anouk TF 57 sunglasses.

The cat eye look will definitely make a comeback over the next few years thanks to this fabulous creation by Tom Ford and with celebs like Nicole Richie wearing them they are sure to sell out fast, so snap them up while you can...they are worth every penny.

Anyways if you like them, you can buy them online at eLuxury for $300 or Bloomingdales.


fashionista said...

They look alot nicer in the ads don't they, nicole just killed the look for me. But i must say these Anouk sunglasses are overrated, when there is alot nicer ones in Tom Ford's collection.

Seraphine said...

It's wonderful to see you're back! I missed you.
The Nicole/sumglasses pic doesn't load for me today, so I can't comment, but I don't remember seeing Nicole wear anything unflattering- ever!

Gemma said...

I agree with fashionista, Anouk is really overrated style. I was reading about it in one vogue issue and i was like "what's the big deal?" The Tom ford Camilla that Rachel Bilson wore a while back is alot nicer.

Big sunglasses still seem to be in because of the glamor they excude, so i'll be sticking to my large Diors :)

Shaz said...

Seraphine thank you! it's great to be back blogging, didn't think i would miss it that much on holidays but i did!

It's true, nicole richie does look good 99% of the time, but i just think these sunglasses got more praise in reviews than their worth.