Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Paris Hilton at Kitson

Paris Hilton was at Kitson during the week with fans to help raise funds for charity, with 20% of proceedings going to her current favourite children's charity.

I can't help but admire how sweet Paris has been looking of late. She looked very glamourous with her oversized sunglasses, super-long blonde extensions and GET THIS> she was wearing a dress from her own collection, and i must say i really like it. The length, the color and the coin-like effect it presents.

All in all, it still looks like she has alot of fans with a massive crowd swooning around her as soon as she exited her car!


Seraphine said...

Paris looks lovely. I've never seen her better.

hannah said...

I agree, she is looking so nice these days, she has always looked nice but her actions overshadowed that.

That color looks gorgeous on her and extensions are so hot!