Thursday, August 23, 2007

That's a load of Croc!

Crocs are the types of shoes people either love for their comfort or hate for their style. I personally am not a big fan of Crocs but these shoes look adorable on little kids including Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter, Violet and Sarah Jessica Parker's son James Wilkes.

HOWEVER these look hilarious on U.S president George W.Bush. Although he opted for a more "grown up" black pair, he decided to pair them with socks embroidered with the presidential seal!!! I would love to see him make a speech in these clown shoes, it would be quiet hilarious.


hannah said...

george bush looks like such a dork, hahaha but for some reason he actually looks like he would be a nice guy judging by these photos. sarah jessica parkers kid james is so adorable. I've never actually seen him close up but he does look sweet....and purple crocs!! to cute

Michelle said...

george bush is an embarrassment to the whole human population.

James and Violet look so adorable. The purple crocs are just too cute