Saturday, August 11, 2007

TREND - Khaki

I'm back from my holidays in was only 6 weeks but it seems like i've been away forever...i can't wait to start blogging again properly because i really didn't have much time to sit in front of a computer there.

Anywho enough about me...

Well a color that seems to be popping up of late on many celebrities is Khaki. I really like the Khaki look (aside from cargo pants) because it gives a toughness to an outfit in an urban cool kinda way. This color trend probarbly springed from the sporty looks of the season that have been seen on many of the catwalks for Fall. Megan Fox wears Khaki well with a simple loose fitted t-shirt and classic aviators. While jackets seem to be a great option for Fall in none other than Khaki.


Linda said...

although i don't know much about megan fox, i think she is one hot mama, and maybe posh spice should get a few tips on how to dress casual and sexy and stylish from her, she looks awesome in that khaki tee!

Sara said...

I always thought khaki made clothes look old, but i actually have to disagree with Linda because i really like the way victoria beckham wore it, with crisp white, sunglasses, matching bag and killer high heels to dress up the look.