Sunday, August 19, 2007

UK Big Brother's Chanelle still thinks she's Posh

Oh god, she's at it again, Ex U.K Big Brother housemate, Chanelle Hayes is at it again living her double life as Victoria Beckham.

It's always nice to have a style idol to look up to, BUT there's a big big big difference between idolising and down right believing you are them. A while back i posted on Chanelle's custom made outfit which resembled Victoria Beckham's Glamour Awards outfit to a T.

At first i thought this was funny, but now i am beginning to wonder if this girl has a major identity crisis and perhaps needs some psychological help. I really don't know why she want's to be known for being a posh wannabe when she could become famous for being the pretty girl she is.

To make matter's worse, she followed Victoria Beckham to L.A and had shopping spree's at all the high-end boutiques Victoria Beckham is known to frequent, and i don't know she can afford it considering she's a 19 year old high-school drop-out who earns the same wage as any other 19 year old.

She even made an appearance at David Beckham's Galaxy Football game, were photographer's, for a split second mistook Chanelle for Victoria Beckham, and posh was not impressed at all.

Chanelle was even quoted saying that "she has fallen for David", watch out Victoria, who've got a stalker on your hands!!!
Let the pictures speak for themselves....


Michelle said...

OMG she seriously needs to get a reality check, its sad that her claim to fame is by being victoria beckhams body double/stalker. yeah and she really needs to get some therapy.

lisa said...

wow there is a difference to want to be like someone and THINKING you are actually them!!

She looks so pretty in the last photo, she could have made it big herself, without trying so hard to be victoria, and she is prettier than victoria i must say.

Candid Cool said...

yikes! but I hear there are agencies where celebrities hire look-a-likes to decoy the paps. She just might find a career in this...whoever this girl is (not familiar w/ reality tv)