Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Victoria Versus Mary-Kate: Balenciaga Belt

With the whole 'studded and rock-style belt' look in full swing for Fall, both Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate Olsen were both spotted wearing the same rock-style Balenciaga Belt. The belt fits in perfectly with Mary-Kate rock-chic style, whilst although Victoria Beckham's oufit looks good, it seems that Victoria is wearing it for the sake of it being a designer brand, rather than making the look work. Who do you think wears it better? Victoria Beckham or Mary-Kate Olsen?


Sara said...

definetely mary kate, victoria is a fashion victim!

irina said...

i like posh because she doesn't look dirty and cheap like mary kate always seems to.

jesse said...

I believe a good dresser is someone who dresses appopriately for the given occassion and i like how victoria has attempted to dress down her style in that picture. Jeans, a jacket and great sunglasses is all you need for everyday wear.

Normally i find her to be such a bimbo wearing clothes such as a Pucci dress, Hermes bag and sky-high heels to a day at a fun park with her kids, that's just ridiculous, so thats why i like this outfit better.

Posh's balenciaga belt sits alot better on her body than that of Mary-Kates.

Candid Cool said...

mary kate, i liked it when she wore it with a long dress to one of the award ceremonies. i've had my eye on that belt too