Sunday, August 19, 2007

WAG: Colleen McLoughlin Look

Since Victoria Beckham's departure to L.A, Soccer Star Wayne Rooney's Fiancee, Colleen McLoughlin has become England's current top WAG (Wives AND Girlfriends). I just noticed her outfit that was taken this week out and about in Liverpool, England.

It must not be that hot in England at the moment considering the fact that she's sporting one of winter's must have items, a leather jacket, and i like how she's still sporting a skull scarf. Although most of you think the skull scarf is so overdone (thanks to Nicole Richie and crew), i admire the fact that she wears what she wants when she wants without tossing out purchases at the season's end.

I am also beginning to see more and more celebrities beginning to wear looser fitting jeans from the knee down, which might spark a new more comfortable style when it comes to jeans. And finally shes wearing a pair of espadrilles/wedges, which are a glamorous and need i say more appropriate day time shoe as opposed to Stilettos, take note Miss Beckham.


irina said...

wedges are the bomb! there so comfortable and stylish at the same time. Skull scarfs rule too, she looks very fresh and put together, i like it

andy said...

wish she was my WAG :)