Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm loving Burberry Prorsum shades!

Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2008 eyewear collection seems to be very promising when looking at the previews seen on the runways this week.

Burberry seems to have moved away from the rounded, oversized 60's styles for fall to 80's shield and mask styles sunglasses. Although all the models waring them seem to have veruy different face shapes to one another, they all seem to pull them off just as well.
I can't wait for the range to come out!

Britney Spears back in shape

Although Britney Spears is dressed like an absolute hillbilly on her way to Starbucks yesterday, i can't help but be glad for her. I think her body is looking fab, her shades look cool, she seems to actually be smiling genuinely and no ratty hair seems to be in sight! Baby steps for steps!
And congratulations to her for being the artist with the number 1 download of itunes in 12 different countries for her comeback hit Gimme More!!!

Pregnant Christina Aguliera!

For some who got famous off Daddy's career and being the side kick of socialite Miss Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie sure seems to have gotten a lot of attention over the years...and it seems to be getting more and more vapid during her maternity days. But who can blame you when she dresses the way she does!?

Christina Aguliera, another mother-to-be, looks just as fantastic in her maternity get-up. Thank to celebrities, i actually think the days of tragic maternity wear such as thick elastic banded denim jeans are behind us, which is a blessing for all us future mothers!

Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw Style

More and more images of the filming of the Sex and the City movie continue to surface on the internet. Wonderful outfits, crazy combinations and lustful accessories all seem to be the norm.

However, all sites seem to be crediting Sarah Jessica Parker for these oufits, such as 'Sarah Jessica parker does it again', Carrie Bradshaw is a style queen bla bla bla bla bla!

I agree that to some degree the wearer of the outfit has an impact, as to the way the look comes across, BUT to me Sarah Jessica Parker is purely modelling the stylish work of Pat Field, its ALL Pat Field, not SJP oh and NOT Carrie Bradshaw...thats a fictional characters name for crying out loud!!

Backstage Style Apring 2008: Rock Chick

It seems that many models are bound to be seen in very rock chick looks off the runways. This season proved no different, with doll-like models such as Lily Donaldson toughing up their pretty images with skinny jeans, leather jackets, leopard print and shoe booties topped off with a smoky eye.

Always been a fan of this look and always will be!

Hilary Duff at Lax airport

Hilary Duff looked casual cool at Lax Airport yesterday, keeping her outfit minimully coloured with tones of cream and black. She accessoried with a Louis Vuitton Damier bag, Chanel flats and Marc Jacobs MJ 098 studded aviator sunglasses, which can be purchased authentically online at Otticanet for US $ 235.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Versace Spring 2008

Donatella Versace really knows how to get the oomph and sexiness out of any girl with her creations that bring dorky items such as the jumpsuit and casual city shorts to a whole new level.

City shorts in tough leather, jumpsuits with drape and waisted belts, while making color clashing work so well. This is a move away the nauseating blingtastic designs we are familiar with in past Versace collections.

Fendi Spring 2008

The Fendi collection went through 3 different stages on the one runway. The house started with very light, breezy in stark white. Then moved towards a free spirited hippy look of the 70's and reverted back to contrasting textures from the floatyness of chiffon to the roughness of sequins, all in a much darker colour palette, proving that black can never be beaten!

Dsquared Spring 2008

Dsquared received a lot more attention this season, with their clever move to put miss Rihanna on the runway. It created quiet the buzz with the masses. This manoeuvre may have been a clever distraction from the many revealing, verging on tacky designs paraded on the runway.

I could only note three decent wearable items in the whole collection. This included a pocketed black coat with tri-panel detailing, a brown leather jumpsuit (idea sounds bad, but it looks unique in reality), and a gorgeous yellow pea coat which wins because of its timeless simplicity and striking color.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2008

I really enjoyed the Dolce and Gabanna Spring 2008 collection. Therunway looks were alot more feminine and the artisitic designs on some of the outfits were purely stunning. The collection is abstract art meets your great grandmothers antic curtains. Alot more wearable and free of the corset clinging styles that Dolce is known for....and my do i love the Printed shoe booties!!!

Who wore it better?

At the Welcome to L.A party hosted for the Beckham's, Victoria opted for an excruciatingly high and (probarbly painful) pair of Giambattisti Valli shoes with black side bow detail and delicate ankle straps.

While recently Mariah Carey *Cringe* wore a lower heeled version of the same pair in white. I have issues with big feet, especially the type that hang over your shoes, so Mariah Carey's toes are doing her any favours in regards to my opinion, therefore my girl Victoria has my vote!

Who do you think wore these unique Giambattisti Valli shoes best?

Ashley Tisdale: Maxi dress sighting

Although the weather is getting colder around the globe, in Australia it the temperatures are rising :) And it's great to get rid of months of wearing layers, to simple easy to wear outfits, such as the popular maxi dress!

Haven't worn long dresses in a while actually, especially not for casual occasions, so this summer will be a great change...but nearly every single store has an exact or pretty close copy to the Lispy Colour Block dress that Lindsay Lohan wore this summer.

Wow these two always look sooo happy...

Just another picture of the beckhams looking radiant and always, heading to Mirabelle resturant in Sunset boulevard!
Poor david though, he found out yesterday that his father has suffered from a heart attack, the couple are on their way to London to support him.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now lets look at someone with style!

Rachel Bilson the fashionista that she is, didn't fail to impress when she attended the P.S Arts Benefit. Looking stunning in a black bejewelled Chanel dress, chain bracelets, sleeked hair and radiantly minimal make up. This is my favourite look of the day!

I know some soldiers in here (where they at, where they at?)

They're at Lax Airport Beyonce! Well one of them at least! Victoria Beckham looked like quiet the military women heading to LAX airport to promote her DVB line in Japan.

Well lets start with the positives, i love all the pieces of clothing that make up Victoria Beckham ensemble, from the black Hermes leather bag, to the DVB aviator sunglasses, to the Balenciaga coat all topped of with an excruciatingly expensive Hermes cap.

Great pieces, BUT put them all together and you've got a walking non talking fashion victim. The girl really needs to lay back a bit and realise life is not a constant magazine editorial.

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale out shopping

To tell you the truth i really don't know why Vanessa Hudgens and crew have become so popular with the masses due to a series of movies aimed at the under 12 age group bracket. Either way, these girls know how to dress.

Vanessa Hudgens is really beginning to perfect the art of casual dressing, favouring loose fitting comfortable clothing accessorised with vintage sunnies, scarfs and flat footwear. While castmate Ashley Tisdale favoured more of a Parisian look with a touch of toughness and..Chanel of course!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Backstage Style Spring 2008: Model Michaela Kocianova

I absolutely adore this Patent Yellow jacket model Michaela Kocianova wore backstage at New York Fashion Week. Yellow is such a fun and bright color, but she makes it look very chic and cool.

Teamed with faded blue skinny jeans, checkered scarf, ballet flats and a Dior Gaucho bag wore a simple look and made it so much cooler!

Mischa Barton you poor thing..

Question: Whats worse than rocking up to an event in the exact same outfit as someone else?

Answer: Rocking up to the same event in the same outfit as Courtney Love!

Mischa Barton and Courtney Love had similar fashion choices when they attended the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week. Luckily for Mischa Barton, Courtney wore a different color and looked completely out-of-it...and well she pulled it off better as well

Avril Lavigne Birthday at Koi

Although i hate Avril Lavigne, for some reason i really like this outfit she wore to her birthday party at Koi Restaurant. I love the jumpsuit, shiny glitter shoes and those random printed tights.

But i think someone else would have been able to pull of the look ALOT better than this try hard..

All new Sex and the City

How good do these stills from the upcoming Sex and the City movie look? Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw is still delivering us with quirky bold fashion choices including this knockout flower donned dress when she runs into a new generation of style wannabes. Can't wait till filming's over...

Vanessa Hudgens deja vu

The more and more i see Vanessa Hudgens the more and more I'm reminded of Lindsay Lohan, especially in this photo. She's really starting to carve out her style niche, but the ballet flats, Balenciaga bag, flowy outfit, wayfarers, her misleading smile and the famous iced coffee, all seem to remind me of one of our favourite it girls back in the day...

Jennifer Lopez taking oversized bags to a whole new level.

Jennifer Lopez has been looking exceptional during her stay in London this week, making Trench Coats, cinched waists and wide brimmed hats her best friends. However, another accessory to pop on the scene was her never ending large croc tote.

This green croc print tote didn't appeal to me at all. It's huge! imagine how annoying it would be to rummage through that bag to find all your bits and pieces. Her outfit has already got a lot going on so maybe she might have done well to keep some things to a minimum.

Nicole Richie: Pregnant and healthy

I'm so pleased to see Nicole Richie pregnant, it's probably the healthiest any of us have ever seen her in a long long time. I love her red bikini in these pictures, they go so well with her skin tone and those glasses are fab!

However Khaki is one of my favourite colors at the moment for some reason, so i gotta give props to the khaki bikini! Also doesn't Nicole look so young without make-up on?

Victoria Beckham at Ugly Betty Costume Fitting

Victoria Beckham looked her usual self as she headed for an Ugly Betty Costume Fitting. Wearing a very coordinated outfit of navy and white, she accessoried with white Louboutin peep-toes, Dvb Style sunglasses and a white Hemes bag. She looks polished but boring as per usual...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Angelina is a classic

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attended the advanced screening of Darfur Now, in very appropriate and smart looking outfits, which relate to the seriousness of the movie at hand.

Wearing an off white silk button-down shirt, trendy wide leg pants, and i'm guessing a black YSL handbag, Angelina looked both womenly and classical.

Jennifer Lopez in London: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

No Offense to all you Jennifer Lopez fans who can't bare a single negative word said about her...but Jennifer Lopez looks like a complete transvestite/drag queen when she went out for an exclusive dinner with Top Shop retail owner in London!

I actually thought for a second that perhaps Jennifer left Marc Anthony and he had no choice but to hire a look-a-like. I'm sure she would have looked beautiful in person, but whoever applied her make up should have her ass sacked!

On a positive note, on arrival in Britian, Jennifer looked like the absolute style queen that she is in a gorgeous wide brimmed hat and a pair of lust-worthy navy long sleeve gloves!!! OMG she just looks fantastic here...

Wendy from Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog has a great (and highly interesting) post on were to get a pair of lengthy gloves like and her experience with them.
Ok so we've gone through the good, the bad and well the ugly is pretty much just Marc Anthony's about tacky!

Fashion Week Attenders Trend: Lady Like

Lady like dressing will always be in style and for the most part flattering! Many women who attended including fashion guru and Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld, wore knee length dresses, in pastel shades simply teamed with classic bags and great shades.

The Key: They made the look modern and relevant to this season by teaming 'nice' feminine dresses with chunky, strappy or multi-coloured heels.

Fashion Faux Pas delivered exclusively by Jordon

Glamour Model Jordan aka katie Price, shows us just how tacky it looks to reveal more than you need too. She may be grinning and finding herself quiet sexy in this particular grey dress, but to me, the size looks more like a top on her!

If you insist on having a heavy back straining jug size , maybe invest in larger clothing least for the sake of the rest of the world!

Fashion Week Attenders Trend: Quirky Shoes

Footwear had been taken to great extremes on the runways this year, with designers presenting us with the twisted classic, modernist and the outright avant garde.

The days of dainty and pretty heels are still on hold during which we can observe and experiment with man-style lace-ups, classic brogues, shoe booties in sleek and modern whites as well as teaming an ever popular pair of rugged High Tops with floaty little dresses!
Key: Don't try and coordinate the rest of your outfit with a pair of quirky shoes...they're meant to stand out!

Just when i thought it wouldn't catch on...

Well what do you know? Top Hats are on their way to becoming the next must have head gear.

Top hats were seen on a few Fall runways and last month Mary-Kate Olsen was out on the town in a very quirky looking top hat, and just like a lot of items seen on the Olsen Twins, it is fast becoming a trend.

Recently both Liv Tyler and trendy Brit Sienna Miller have topped of their looks with top hats, whilst Pete Doherty has always favoured top hats. Umm...interesting lets just wait and see who else picks on this trend.

Fashion Week Trend: Block Brights

Those who attended various New York Fashion Week runway shows, brought they're sense of style to the shows and in the process set a lot of new trends.

For those who are afraid of incorporating color into their wardrobe, take note from attenders and celebrities such as Diane Kruger, who wore Bright Bright block colored outfits, from sunshine yellow dresses to red hot patent trench coats.

The Key: To prevent it from looking juvenile, let one colour do all the talking and keep
silhouettes simple.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bright Dresses and even brighter shoes

At the Welcome to L.A bash held for the Beckhams, Eva Longoria stood out in an amazingly bright yellow dress and even brighter green peep-toe heels. She chucked out the old idea of downplaying the accessories, and it worked for her! And now Tori Spelling is donning this very look in a new promotional photo for some reality series of hers, except she wore her bright yellow dress with vivid purple points, and it looks just as fantastic!

My current Shoe Cravings!!

These are just my current two shoes cravings at the moment! The first pair are very very Balenciaga inspired, yet not as extreme! While the seocnd ones, appeal to me because of their rustic look. At $200 each, i'm still contemplating on whether or not to get one...and more importantly which one? What do you guys think?

Did we miss the Memo?

It seems these days that it is fitting to attend high profile events in high designer gear..and well, flip flops.

A couple of weeks back Hayden Panettiere stepped out in a classic Burberry trench coat teamed with a purple Balenciaga bag and comfy flip flops. Soon after it was Zac Efron seen promoting High School Musical 2 in a formal black blazer, white shirt and tie while deciding to skim on the footwear.

Then you've got Jennifer Conolley, who took it one step further at the Toronto Film festival, wearing a chic strapless white dress, along with what seemed to be very orthopedic-looking sandals.

At first the look didn't appeal to me but now it's grown on me and it's kind of an unexpected twist, and not to mention a very comfy one at that!

Hayden Panettiere-59th Primetime Emmy awards

oh I'm not too sure about the dress Hayden Panettiere wore to the Emmy's this year. From the bust up she looks great, natural make-up and her hair pulled back elegantly, but below the chest it's a maternity catastrophe!

Although this loose style may be everywere these days, it's not a very flattering look on most people. But i suppose being a beautiful girl she did justice to this Marc Bouwer dress.

Heidi Klum and Seal at the 2007 Emmy Awards

Heidi Klum was another stand out at the 59th annual Prime time Emmy Awards. Wearing a divine wine colored dress, red hot lips and elegant jewelry, she looked extremely classic and classy for that matter...and how nice of Seal to let Heidi soak up the spotlight by wearing a complimentary yet understated suit :)

Katherine Heigl Emmy awards

Grey's Anatomy star, Katherine Heigl looked exceptional at the Emmy Awards this year. Wearing a very white floor dress along with loads of jewels by Ryan Ryan, Katherine picked up the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the smash hit show, and what better way to accept your award then in a body hugging Zac Posen dress?

Hayden Panettiere at Pre-Emmy's Hereos Bash

I absolutely love this purple dress Hayden Panettiere wore to the Pre-Emmy's Hereos Bash. Her skin tone really sets off this stunning purple dress, and she is looking really fresh faced alongside her new castmate, Kristen Bell... i am just in ore of this color...

Balenciaga Bags Still Going Strong

As we all know, Balenciaga Motorcycle bags became the 'it' bag to have Circa 2004, and like many 'it' bags, they were quickly seen on the shoulders on many starlets and just as quickly popped back on in their wardrobes alongside the once lusted for Marc Jacobs Stam and Chloe Paddington.

However, unlike the future of many over-exposed bags, Balenciaga is having it's revival. Miss Nicole Richie dusted hers off again this year, along with Mary-Kate as seen in an earlier post and now our new generation of stylish young stars such as Heroes', Hayden Panettiere and High School Musical's, Vanessa Hudgens have caught on.

Hopefully this means that the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag will become a classic*Fingers Crossed*

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Miss Matchy-Matchy award goes too...

VICTORIA BECKHAM!!Girl knows just how to match every detail of her outfit perfectly. Can't find a single flaw.

Emmy Rose in Prada Sunglasses

ah ha! i knew these sunglasses that actress Emmy Rose was sporting yesterday looked familiar! Emmy Rose donned a pair of chic Prada SPR O4H sunglasses, which were also seen on the like of fashionista Ashley Olsen earlier this year. Ashley opted for tortoise shell, while Emmy wore the black pair which encorporate a striking prada logo on the temples of the sunglasses. Both girls opted to pair they're sunglasses with black jeans and white tops.
These Prada sunglasses can be bought online at Authentic designer sunglass retailer Otticanet for approximately US $180 to US $198 depending on colour.

Morphing into Victoria Beckham

UK Big Brother's Chanelle Hayes is still adament on becoming Victoria beckham aka Posh Spice. Chanelle has admitted that Victoria is her Icon, and has been known for her look-a-like Victoria Beckham outfits...and her style copy-cat ways haven't stopped.

Looks i'm loving!

Just a few celebs out and about with looks that have attracted my attention!