Monday, September 17, 2007

Balenciaga Bags Still Going Strong

As we all know, Balenciaga Motorcycle bags became the 'it' bag to have Circa 2004, and like many 'it' bags, they were quickly seen on the shoulders on many starlets and just as quickly popped back on in their wardrobes alongside the once lusted for Marc Jacobs Stam and Chloe Paddington.

However, unlike the future of many over-exposed bags, Balenciaga is having it's revival. Miss Nicole Richie dusted hers off again this year, along with Mary-Kate as seen in an earlier post and now our new generation of stylish young stars such as Heroes', Hayden Panettiere and High School Musical's, Vanessa Hudgens have caught on.

Hopefully this means that the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag will become a classic*Fingers Crossed*

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renee said...

i hope so too, i think they're a fantastic bag. its sharper enough for work and edgy enough for the younger ones. And they're very practical with the front zipper pocket and interior ones