Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Carine Roitfeld's Oversized Sunglasses

Paris Vogue's, Carine Roitfeld, is one of the few women who can pull off gigantic (and i mean gigantic) sunglasses with ease. She wore her gradient shaded sunglasses to a few of the runway shoes this season, and introduced them to the world of fashion last season. Suprisingly she looks chic rather than blow-fly and thats hard to get away with!

I really love Carine, she has a beautiful aura around her, always smiling and looking down-to-earth even with all her success.

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dayna said...

i love Carine too! i wish i was here, paris vogue is so insiprational and beautiful! Those shades are fab on here, especially in the first pic, dont think i could pull them off!