Monday, September 17, 2007

Did we miss the Memo?

It seems these days that it is fitting to attend high profile events in high designer gear..and well, flip flops.

A couple of weeks back Hayden Panettiere stepped out in a classic Burberry trench coat teamed with a purple Balenciaga bag and comfy flip flops. Soon after it was Zac Efron seen promoting High School Musical 2 in a formal black blazer, white shirt and tie while deciding to skim on the footwear.

Then you've got Jennifer Conolley, who took it one step further at the Toronto Film festival, wearing a chic strapless white dress, along with what seemed to be very orthopedic-looking sandals.

At first the look didn't appeal to me but now it's grown on me and it's kind of an unexpected twist, and not to mention a very comfy one at that!

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In Yr Fshn said...

I like Hayden's look but Jen's is kind of atrocious. If only the dress weren't so awesome...