Friday, September 7, 2007

Gwen Stefani and Family

Gwen Stefani kicked off New York Fashion week with her designer label L.A.M.B, her designs may be great, but nothing can top how great baby Kingston looks in his L.A.M.B white hoodie. This kid is going to be a hottie (not surprising though with Gavin as daddy)!!

Gwen looked great wearing a 60's mod white and black jacquard print dress and keeping to her signature look of platinum blonde hair and bright red lips....oh and did i mention killer Legs?


hannah said...

Kingston is adorable, looks just like his daddy! hes going to be a definte heart breaker when hes older and it seems he's already got his style sorted out.

renee said...

i like what gwen stefani is wearing, but i really dont like the red lips and white hair look anymore, its starting to look tacky