Friday, September 21, 2007

Jennifer Lopez in London: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

No Offense to all you Jennifer Lopez fans who can't bare a single negative word said about her...but Jennifer Lopez looks like a complete transvestite/drag queen when she went out for an exclusive dinner with Top Shop retail owner in London!

I actually thought for a second that perhaps Jennifer left Marc Anthony and he had no choice but to hire a look-a-like. I'm sure she would have looked beautiful in person, but whoever applied her make up should have her ass sacked!

On a positive note, on arrival in Britian, Jennifer looked like the absolute style queen that she is in a gorgeous wide brimmed hat and a pair of lust-worthy navy long sleeve gloves!!! OMG she just looks fantastic here...

Wendy from Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog has a great (and highly interesting) post on were to get a pair of lengthy gloves like and her experience with them.
Ok so we've gone through the good, the bad and well the ugly is pretty much just Marc Anthony's about tacky!

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Fashion Tidbits said...

I love J.Lo's outfit with the coat and gloves too!!!