Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jennifer Lopez Justsweet Show

I understand that Jennifer Lopez has some interesting fashion choices and a lot of them i love, but i really am not like this apple green dress Jennifer Lopez wore to her label Justsweet runway show. The color is lovely but the cut is terrible showing off her VPL-Visible Panty Line.

But what i really love, is her rock edge studded shoes! These divine shoes are from the Fall 2007 Burberry Prosum collection and i have been lusting for them ever since i posted about them in June, hoping that retailers would pick up on the look, but so far am i am sadly disappointed..

Anyways, she changed into a pair of Balenciaga inspired robotic shoes for her walk down the runway that personally don't go with her overall look.


WendyB said...

This isn't my favorite look for her but normally she is spot-on, and her hair and makeup always look divine. I heart her!

liz said...

i love jennifer lopez, shes so fierce and stylish in her individual way, but i really don't think either pairs of shoes go well with the dress. But i love her skin color looks beautiful and her smile is to die for

In Yr Fshn said...

Ugh, I hated this look. I still can't believe she wore it!