Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lil Kim Style

Rapper, ex-jail bird and Pussycat Doll Search Judge Lil Kim has taught us a few key style rules over the years, on how not to dress.

Although some may applaud her for her individuality and body confidence, i cannot help but puke in my mouth a bit every time i see her. From the make-up factory on her face, to the constant flashing of her private parts, i find it hard to extract a shred of womanly elegance or class from her surgically enhanced body.

Just a few pics of classic Lil Kim outfits over the years...


Iheartfashion said...

Ewwww...she's been so surgically altered she doesn't even resemble her original self. And her friendship with Marc Jacobs baffles me. I can't really see Lil Kim hanging out with Sofia Coppola and the rest of MJ's entourage.

Shaz said...

iheartfashion, her relationship with marc jacobs is so strange right?

maybe he sees a girl who needs saving from so many fashion crimes and he may be the man to help...but lets not forget marc jacobs has been on drugs for a while and couldn't think straight