Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Man Style Dressing by Tabitha Simmons!

Vogue's Tabitha Simmons gives us a few tips on how to pull of the Man Style look without actually being confused for man.

Tip 1) Fedora's and paper boy hats with a girly twist such as in pastel colors or ribbon

Tip 2) Keep to the classic colors of white, black, brown and grey, but add elements of color with things such as a pair of bright colored striped socks like model Agyness Dean.

Tip 3) Chunky Jewelry in the form of chains or thick leather rings

Tip 4) Loose man style pants with a delicately beaded top will add that feminine touch

Tip 5) High heels are VITAL! exaggerated heels, futuristic shapes, graphic contrast heels such as pinks with purple, wedges and platforms all work.

Tip 6) Own an over sized man style watch

As well thin belts, suspenders, rich colors like plum add femininity, white shirts, cute laces, jewelry and pocket handkerchiefs help balance the look.


kristy said...

man style dressing is so cool, but really hard to pull off at the same time. i think anyone with any womenly curves finds this hard to pull off because it comes across as more dyke than daring

cotton candy said...

man style!! sweet!! my mum's been saying that i've been dressing like a male to uni and she complains and complains. lol.

blazers are so cool!! - provided that they're fitted of course. ^^

Candid Cool said...

Very high heels are essential.

Shaz said...

Cotton Candy, mums are always complaining about outfits that are a bit more fashion forward stand out from the rest. I would love to be able to pull off man style dressing, but i'm afraid to try it..hopefully soon!

jessica said...

hi, what an interesting blog! See how far back i've trailed? i know it's a long time ago, but do you remember who made the grey patent wedge shoes?

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