Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My new Handbag

Today i went to the shops to complain about a wallet i bought less than a month ago and is already falling apart. Anyways, they were nice enough to let me exchange it without a receipt, So instead of another wallet, i selected this bag to replace it with.

It's by a brand called Chinese Laundry, which i have never heard of before because i think their new to Australia, but apparently they've been featured in many magazines and Jessica Alba and Rihanna are fans....

Well never mind that, i really liked the chain detail on the bag it kind of reminded me of Dolce and Gabanna because of the chain details and animal print all in one bag. It's a good size just to do errands and things, and the interior is bright purple!


renee said...

i really like this bag. It has chain, animal print, studs, purple interior details all in one bag, but it still looks very well put together

Victor said...

purple interior? That sounds better then a wallet. It sounds amazing.
Oh and i didnt understand this part of the banner:
5)the top layout section will have the name of your blog and next to it it will say edit

WendyB said...

I love a cute-colored interior.