Monday, September 3, 2007

Naomi Campbell wearing DVB sunglasses

Fellow Britanian and world renowned supermodel Naomi Campbell is another celebrity sporting Victoria and David Beckham's brand of DVB Style sunglasses.

First it was Posh, Jennifer Lopez and David sporting them, but now it seems that Miss Madhouse Naomi Campbell is wearing them too.

It surprising to me that she's even wearing them considering the public fall out between Naomi and Victoria a couple of years back when Naomi asked Victoria "Why do they call you posh?" and Victoria snapped back "Why do they call you beautiful?" Ouch talk about defensive!

Anyways they look good, but it's a shame that she had to go wreck the look with that obvious weave on her head!!

If you love these uniquely stylish 60's inspired candy striped (DvB 2) sunglasses, you can purchase them online at Shop Intuition for $280 a pop.


alana said...

yeah that is a terrible weave. But i'll give it to her for smiling and not bashing someone up with a phone. Those are fabulous glasses, but alot of stores have started to copy. I know crazy right, rip off of DvB sunglasses?

WendyB said...

Ha ha! I was totally aghast at the hair too.

Gemma said...

victoria beckham doesn't sound like a very nice person by that defensive statement. however, naomi campbell doesnt have a reputation for being charming.

Anonymous said...

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