Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nicole Richie: Pregnant and healthy

I'm so pleased to see Nicole Richie pregnant, it's probably the healthiest any of us have ever seen her in a long long time. I love her red bikini in these pictures, they go so well with her skin tone and those glasses are fab!

However Khaki is one of my favourite colors at the moment for some reason, so i gotta give props to the khaki bikini! Also doesn't Nicole look so young without make-up on?


Victor said...

her face is round Rofl. im so happy shes having a baby. i hope she doesnt go britney on us. I hope her husband and her are very happy

Bobble Bee said...

she looks really wonderful, stunning in her new shape.

Lil'Advice said...

I'm preety proud of her for actually KEEPING the baby alive with a substantial amount of nutrients because she obviuosly wasn't getting any at all. I mean, how do you go from 165 lb to 80 lb. My younger oner is about 80 lb and she's 12....STILL GROWING! So It's just about time that I see her face rounding out again and yet, still look "fabuloso" without any make-up! Let's thank her future husband, Joel, for impregnating her so she can hop back on her two feet.