Monday, September 10, 2007

Oslo Stil girls and bright tights

Oslo style as seen through the lens of Oslostil photographers seems to be quiet kooky and fun. A trend that has emerged off the runways and onto the streets over the past few months is none other than bright coloured leggings!

The closest i have got to colored leggings, is well gray tights...perhaps its a fear of them attracting too much attention or because i haven't found a way to incorporate them properly into my outfits, either way these girls from Oslostil serve as great inspiration.


WendyB said...

Cute pix! You should try a yellow or blue. Great colors.

ambika said...

I got adventurous and bought some dark purple tights as well as burgundy crochet. Don't know if I could go with that mustard but it certainly looks cute on these chicas.

Live said...

go Norway yeah!