Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stars at the VMA's

The MTV VMA's is a night for stars to parade around in fun and quirky outfits and that's exactly what some stars did.

Nelly Furtado rocked out in a black satin jumpsuit/corset/wide leg pant...i don't know quiet what it is...but I'm not feeling it, she paired it with a lot of silver layered jewelry and Yves Saint Laurent Red Tribute Pumps.

Paris Hilton turned up to the VMA's in a loud Leopard Print Dolce and Gabanna corset dress. with a dress like this i would expect long sexy hair whisking around and a hint of naughtiness- sex-kitten style, but Paris seems to have held back and tried to go for a lady-like look. But i think the make-up and jewelry clash with the outrageous dress.

Rihanna looked absolutely striking in a hot pink body hugging dress paired with funky hair and studded shoes.

Other's who turned up. Melanie B from the Spice Girls (in a Herve Leger dress mind you)...and Miss Teen South Carolina...ummm...WTF??


Gemma said...

i lost all respect for mtv, there performances and there guests. But i did like rihanna and chris browns performance...and i love rihannas studded shoes!!

Michelle said...

what the hell is up with Paris Hiltons hair, she looks like a presidents wife!! Her dress is hot though, oh and i'm speechless for rihanna, she looks gorgeous