Friday, September 28, 2007

Who wore it better?

At the Welcome to L.A party hosted for the Beckham's, Victoria opted for an excruciatingly high and (probarbly painful) pair of Giambattisti Valli shoes with black side bow detail and delicate ankle straps.

While recently Mariah Carey *Cringe* wore a lower heeled version of the same pair in white. I have issues with big feet, especially the type that hang over your shoes, so Mariah Carey's toes are doing her any favours in regards to my opinion, therefore my girl Victoria has my vote!

Who do you think wore these unique Giambattisti Valli shoes best?


WendyB said...

Victoria looks fabulous! But I think both Posh and Mimi should call me :-)

estelle said...

Victoria! and Mariah Spandex is a priveledge...not a right!

sunniva said...

Victoria looks amazing! Mariah just looks strange, and the shoes are horible in white! the rigth color makes sutch a diffrence.

That's fashion!